MCLV Style: Windowpane Print

In the world of fashion there are things that go together so beautifully and seamlessly that they’ve become sartorial cult classics in their own right. Denim-on-denim a la the Canadian tuxedo. Stripes of any kind, worn in any way. Color combinations that are endlessly flattering like black & white or black & blue.

A few favorite on the fashion block? Windowpane prints! From windowpane print tops and suit separates to accessories like scarves and heels – There’s an endless number of ways to make this killer print work for you this Fall!

Windowpane Print Black & White Faux Leather Pants Wedges Striped Bag San Francisco Fashion Blogger Street Style

Windowpane Print Top – Urban Outfitters

Faux Leather Pants – BCBGMaxAzria

Striped Bag – Betsey Johnson

Lace-Up Wedges – Madden Girl

Windowpane Print Black & White Faux Leather Pants Wedges Striped Bag San Francisco Fashion Blogger Street Style

I fell head over heels in love with Allergic To Vanilla‘s killer shearling vest from Urban Outfitters so I swung by the store recently to see if I could discover any Must Have treasures, only to swoop up this fabulous windowpane print top!

Windowpane Print Black & White Faux Leather Pants Wedges Striped Bag San Francisco Fashion Blogger Street Style

{Photos by KatwalkSF}

This street style shoot came together really organically last week. A project that I had scheduled was canceled at the last-minute so when Miss KatwalkSF texted asking if I was around, we decided to meet at Washington Square Park for an impromptu street style photo shoot.

There are definitely benefits to living a few blocks from blogger friends!

Windowpane Print Black & White Faux Leather Pants Wedges Striped Bag San Francisco Fashion Blogger Street Style

And the best part? This fabulous blogger pup stood guard over our bags while we played in traffic trying to capture the perfect photographs. And believe you me, he takes his guard dog duties very seriously. He’s positively fierce!

Bonus? I got to practice my photography skills – Check out the look that I shot for her here!

How do YOU like to wear windowpane prints?

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Looks of the Week: I Have Nothing To Wear

I’ve always loved this saying: When a woman says, “I have nothing to wear,” what she really means is, “there’s nothing here for who I’m supposed to be today.”

It’s the perfect way to not only explain the struggle to get dressed each morning, but to show much your mood and emotional state of mind impact those choices. I like classic styles but sometimes that translates into a head-to-toe Parisian-inspired look with stripes and faux leather, while other mornings that could mean retro couture.

So to help ensure that you are filled to the brim with fashionable inspiration this week – Here are some fun looks to get those creative juices flowing. Have fun deciding who you’re going to be today!

Looks of the Week Sporty Chic California Fashion Blogger Street Style Joggers

{Sometimes you want to be comfortable but still have a little fun – I’ve been intrigued by the sporty chic street style trend for the last few season and love seeing creative new ways to wear great pieces like these joggers.}

Looks of the Week Paris Fashion Week Paris Street Style London Fashion Blogger

{Sometimes you want to be a lady! What I love about this look is how versatile it is. When a look is chic and flattering, you can wear it anywhere. Mixing up the accessories could take this look from front row at Paris Fashion Week to the office.}

I Have Nothing To Wear Looks of the Week Modern Black & White Fall Knits Fashion Blogger Street Style Happily Grey

{Some mornings you want clean lines & a modern take on Fall dressing – Enter luxurious knits and killer accessories.}

I Have Nothing To Wear Looks of the Week Modern Black & White Fall Knits Fashion Blogger Street Style Animal Prints Boots Look De Pernille

{There are times that blending in and playing the wallflower sound wonderful, and there are times when you’re ready to make a statement. And nothing makes a statement for Fall quite like fierce boots & animal prints!}

I Have Nothing To Wear Looks of the Week Modern Black & White Fall Knits Fashion Blogger Street Style Formal Cocktail Dress LBD Black & White Printed Frock Gary Pepper Girl

{And sometimes, just sometimes, a little black dress is not the answer. And on those occasions a girl needs to make a serious splash!}

{Click images to see original source}

What’s YOUR answer to the “I have nothing to wear” conundrum?

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Fall Shopping: Sale Picks

In addition to some of my favorite holidays, fashionable layering & accessory styling, and amazing weather, I also love all the shopping opportunities during the fabulous Fall season. Sale after sale and excuse after excuse to swoop up beautiful new pieces for the rest of the year!

And since the killer sales have already started hitting stores I wanted to share some of my favorite sale picks with you – From fun Kate Spade accessories to GAP activewear, these sales really have it all.

Happy shopping!

Fall Online Shopping Sale Picks Old Navy GAP Ann Taylor Kate Spade San Francisco Fashion Blogger Street Style

{Gold Bamboo Cuff – Kate Spade // Strappy Leather Heels – Ann Taylor // GapFit Cityscape Leggings – GAP // Drop-Waist Gingham Dress – Old Navy}

And because I love you all, here are some sale codes that you need to know right now!

Kate Spade – 30% off entire purchase | Code: F14FFUS
Ann Taylor – Extra 50% off Full Price Tops, Accessories, & Shoes | Code: STYLE50
Gap - Extra 25% Off Entire Purchase | Code: HAPPY
Old Navy - 25% Off | Code: TREAT

What’s on YOUR Fall shopping list?

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Workout Gear Spotlight: Lululemon Athletica

I’m a long-time Lululemon Athletica devotee. After discovering their killer capri-length leggings years ago I’ve kept a pair or two in my workout rotation. So when the fabulous ladies of the Grant Street location reached out and asked if I’d be interested in coming in to try on some of their new goodies I jumped at the chance!

Lululemon Athletica San Francisco Fashion Fitness Lifestyle Blogger Workout Street Style

Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve Crew – Lululemon

Rebel Runner Vest – Lululemon

Run Inspire Crop – Lululemon

Shoes – Brooks PureFlow

Lululemon Athletica San Francisco Fashion Fitness Lifestyle Blogger Workout Street Style

{Check out more photos here}

Lululemon Athletica San Francisco Fashion Fitness Lifestyle Blogger Workout Street Style

{Photography by Lexie of The Elle Tee}

We pulled a handful of pieces from the yoga and running collections that Lulu put out for Fall and I immediately fell in love with everything. When I choose workout gear it has a very specific purpose – It needs to keep up with me! I want to throw something on and not think about it again for an hour – It needs to move, feel great, and stay put.

Lulu has consistently lived up to those requirements and I wasn’t disappointed by these black & white pieces from the running collection. They have tons of fun prints and colors this season, but I found myself really liking the clean lines of these minimal pieces.

Do YOU have a favorite workout gear brand?

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San Francisco Stories: Livzo Founder

I’m excited to introduce a great new series for Moi Contre La Vie called San Francisco Stories.

Since moving to the Bay Area nine years ago I’ve met more extraordinary and interesting people than I can even remember. Intellectuals and academics who challenge the status quo on a daily basis, brilliant entrepreneurial minds that are changing the landscape of the business world, and determined, ambitious innovators who are carving out a niche for themselves by following their passions.

In the SF Stories series I’ll be introducing you to some of these amazing people who I’ve met in the hopes that they’ll inspire you as much as they inspire me!

Deciding who to feature for the first SF Stories post was a challenge but I ultimately decided that my fabulous Ukrainian friend Nataliia was the perfect choice. She’s active in the technology sector here in San Francisco, devotes her considerable talents to worthwhile charitable causes, supports the Bay Area’s burgeoning fashion industry, and has an Instagram account that always inspires me with pictures of gorgeous hikes, delicious vegan meals, and motivational quotes.

SF Stories Nataliia Karpenko Livzo GoLivzo Vegan Model Entrepreneur


MCLV: One of the things that I love about San Francisco is that everyone you meet has such an amazing and diverse work life. You’re a great example of someone who keeps herself incredibly busy and challenged with all sorts of fun projects. For example, in addition to being an editorial and runway model, you also work in San Francisco’s innovative technology scene. How would you describe the work that you do on a day-to-day basis?

NK: I work in tech full-time and right now, in addition to working on building a social network centered on preventative health and wellness called Livzo.  It’s been great working with my cofounder and being able to support this amazing industry. We’re focused on seeing how we can bring relationships between health experts and patients to a more productive level. Additionally, I share my time with fashion technology startups through business development strategies. And finally, I am involved in the community through charity work for cancer research fundraisers and charities that support women.  

MCLV: When you’re balancing jobs and working on various projects simultaneously, staying organized and on top of your schedule is key. Do you have any tips or suggestions for people out there who are trying to keep their own personal balancing act going?

NK:  It’s important to know what your short and long-term goals are because it will help you to understand what needs to come first and what can wait until later. I need to do a lot of multitasking to manage my company and my team so I set high priority tasks first. Another tip that’s helped me is to isolate myself when I’m working. I even change my “office” environment by going to a local coffee shop. Having a calendar also helps.  I make sure to plan all meetings and deliverables into the calendar. And of course,  it is very important to be healthy and provide your body with proper nutrients to keep yourself going. These are the top ways that I’m able to be more  productive with my projects.  

SF Stories Nataliia Karpenko Livzo GoLivzo Vegan Model Entrepreneur


MCLV: I’m a huge fan of your Instagram feed where you share some of your delicious meals. From restaurant dishes to home cooked breakfasts, you clearly enjoy a great meal. You’re also a vegan – Can you tell us about how you maintain your diet while traveling, eating out, and cooking at home?

NK: Being vegan isn’t an easy thing, especially when you travel. My favorite vegan cities in the US  are New York, LA, and surprisingly Vegas. When I travel anywhere else, I need to be more cautious when ordering meals from the menu because dairy products or traces of fish are often in the food. When I travel I’ll actually start a conversation with waiters or even the chef. What I’ve learned is that you need to offer a brief explanation of veganism. Sometimes, I get meals with dairy because it’s uncommon in most places to serve vegan meals. I regret having to return a meal so I’ll try to avoid that though by communicating everything in advance.

MCLV: Can you share your favorite recipe(s)? Top ingredients? Favorite foods you can’t live without?

NK: I’m addicted to salad in the morning. I couldn’t live without my morning arugula salad with blueberries and almonds. I really like to pay attention to having a balanced diet and be sure I am getting enough nutrients. I am an athlete and an entrepreneur, and they both take a lot of energy. It’s stressful, so I have to make sure I fill myself with daily protein and carbohydrates such as quinoa, a vegan plant-based product that has complete protein similar to animal based protein. I also enjoy tempeh and edamame, which are high in protein as well.

MCLV: You also post some envy-inducing pictures of your weekly hikes, runs, walks, and other great outdoor activities. Staying healthy and enjoying some relaxing downtime are important when you’re busy – What does your weekly workout regime look like to stay in shape?

NK: I’m so fortunate to live in Marin County near Mount Tamalpais State Park. It allows me to hike at least twice in a week. I try to combine cardio and strength exercises, I prefer to do light weights  by bouncing on a BOSU  Ball. I focus on entire core body strengthening and also Pilates, which help me to improve my posture. That’s important with my sedentary lifestyle because during my day, I am sitting in my office and that affects my posture.  Another thing that really keeps me motivated is using fitness apps to track my fitness activities, count calories, and advance my physical performance over time.

SF Stories Nataliia Karpenko Livzo GoLivzo Vegan Model Entrepreneur

MCLV: Any fitness or healthy living tips you can give MCLV readers to help them stay motivated to live a healthy, active life?

NK: Having good company or having someone with similar goals helps.  It’s ideal to have someone who will go on a late run with you after work or hike with on Saturday. If you don’t have anyone to do  that with, then seeing others success through Instagram and Facebook or with apps like Map My Run or Fitbit to see the challenges others are taking is good. Connect with people and also follow  a good blog .  I love Pinterest and sometimes I spend an hour looking for the perfect quotes or pictures that help me stay motivated. Also, I think participating in big competitions like marathons is a huge motivator. I participate in marathons, which keep me on top of my routine .

A huge thank you to Nataliia for stopping by MCLV and sharing her story! Be sure to check out her website Livzo!

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