Travel Style

One of the many times that I feel like I was born into the wrong decade is when I travel. Why? Because I dress to travel!

So there I sit, surrounded by tracksuits and Uggs, feeling utterly out-of-place & daydreaming about scenes from North By Northwest and Sabrina. I mean, hello – Train station + Turban!

Travel Dress to Fly Audrey Hepburn Sabrina Turban San Francisco Fashion Blogger Street Style

While a turban and toy poodle sound divine, I try to be a bit less theatrical when I travel. Most of the time. :)

Travel Style:

Comfort - Being comfortable is the most important thing when I fly. Especially now that I’m recovering from a spinal injury, I’m not adding to my overall misery by wearing four-inch heels or a mini skirt.

Duration - If it’s a short jaunt to LA I have one type of travel uniform, however if it’s an international trip I usually bring a change of clothes as well as a toiletry kit. You have to plan ahead.

Destination - It’s easy to forget, but try to keep in mind that it could be a completely different temperature when you land. Layers are key!

Travel Dress to Fly Traveling Flying Cashmere Pashmina San Francisco Fashion Blogger Street Style

{Accept no substitution – A cashmere pashmina is a must! Collection 59 Solid Pashmina Wrap from Bloomingdale’s}


Black - Traveling in all black is something that I’ve come to terms with over the years. It helps with matching, frantic last-minute sprints to the airport, and spillage.

You only have to realize you’re wearing navy blue and brown when you thought it was black and grey one time before you come to the realization that black-on-black is the answer to stress free travel.

Layers – My usual in-flight uniform is slim black pants, a tank top or sweater depending on the season, cropped or boyfriend blazer, and an oversized pashmina.

Layers are important because when you travel your already overstressed body has to cope with constantly changing temperature. From 90 degrees as you get out of the cab to room temperature in the airport to freezing air blowing in your face – All within the span of 30 minutes!

International - For a long flight {8+ hours} I usually board and de-board in one outfit and spend the majority of the flight in something cozier. In my under-the-seat-bag go thick socks, leggings, a long-sleeved tunic, and a toiletry kit.

Travel Dress to Fly Traveling Flying San Francisco Fashion Blogger Street Style Travel Beauty Tips Eve Lom Recovery Mask Beauty Blogger

{This is the BEST mask ever – Eve Lom Rescue Mask}

Tip: Pay attention to your skin when you fly internationally! I take off my make-up, moisturize, sometimes do a face mask, and keep my toothbrush handy when I’m going to be traveling out of the US.

Want more? Check out Who What Wear’s 13 Celebrity Airport Looks To Inspire Your Spring Travel Wardrobe and Vogue’s adorable Modern Manners: Travel Etiquette—The Rules of the Road.

What’s YOUR travel style?

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MCLV Style: Menswear Inspired Fashion

Skirts and dresses are definitely staples in my day-to-day wardrobe – From pencil skirts at work to wrap dresses for a night out to skater skirts for weekend shenanigans.

However, that being said, I also wear pants a great deal. From slim fitting pants with boots during Winter to white jeans for Spring.

San Francisco Fashion Blogger Street Style Menswear Inspired Fashion

{Shop similar pieces by clicking these hyperlinks: Printed Twill Cropped Shaping Leggings – Lyssé, Tuxedo Blouse – Zara (similar here), Blazer – Kensie from Nordstrom, Heels – Cole Haan, Earrings – Tory BurchEgyptian Cuff – M Dot}

San Francisco Fashion Blogger Street Style Menswear Inspired Fashion

{Check out more photos here}

San Francisco Fashion Blogger Street Style Menswear Inspired Fashion

{Photos by Lydia Hudgens Photography}

While I’m FIRMLY in the camp of Leggings Are Not Pants these “shaping leggings” from Lyssé are in a whole different category. If they weren’t labeled as leggings I would call them Capri pants – They’re thick, well-made, and flattering.

Lyssé is known for their high-waist body shaping design and I was thrilled with the end result. When they reached out to see if I’d be interested in trying a style of their leggings I immediately fell for this black, white & grey abstract floral pair – Next I’m going to try pairing these babies with my favorite chambray shirt.

Do YOU like trying menswear inspired fashion too?

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Looks of the Week

Welcome to another Looks of the Week post. This week we’re featuring some killer Spring style that will get you in the mood for the warm weather - From fun, printed pants and sweet silhouettes to  stripes and skirts.

Looks of the Week Fashion Blogger Street Style Printed Pants Palm Tree Print

{Printed pants are a fun way to add some color and personalization to a look – I love how these jeans are rolled and paired with strappy sandals. Perfect for Spring.}

Looks of the Week Fashion Blogger Street Style Printed Pants

{The silhouette and bold color of this skirt really make this look pop - It’s fun, flirty, and versatile.}

Looks of the Week Fashion Blogger Street Style Printed Pants

{These boho inspired scarf pants are perfect for Spring – Flowy and comfortable, and you can wear them for everything from traveling to errands to over your swimsuit.}

Looks of the Week Fashion Blogger Street Style Printed Pants

{These window pane printed pants are one of my favorite styles and printed for Spring – Picture perfect!}

Looks of the Week Fashion Blogger Street Style Printed Pants

{The only thing more chic than a killer white pencil skirt is pairing it with stripes for a flattering, stylish Spring look.}

{Click images to see original source}

Which of these looks is YOUR favorite?

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San Francisco Fashion: CCUOCO DIVERGE Runway Show

My favorite thing about being a blogger here in San Francisco is being able to get to know amazing local brands, designers, and stores. And being able to share them with you!

I initially met designer Candice Cuoco last September during San Francisco Fashion Week, right before she was named San Francisco’s Best Emerging Designer of 2013. And 2014 is shaping up to be an even bigger year for this up & comer as she just showed her first collection at New York Fashion Week in February and will be rocking London Fashion Week in September.

New Year's Eve Black Leather Lace-Up Corset San Francisco Fashion Designer Candice Cuoco CCUOCO San Francisco Fashion Blogger Street Style Evening Nighttime

I even had the honor of wearing a made-especially-for-me couture leather look for New Year’s Eve this year – New Years Eve Leather.

Bay Area residents – I recommend that you get to know this amazing designer and her phenomenal work and attend the CCUOCO DIVERGE Runway Show!

CCUOCO Exclusively Invites You To Experience A Realm Beyond This Place Of Wrath & Tears. A Place Where Insatiable Seduction Looms & Demiurgic Energy Unfolds…  Unleashing Your Provocateur

San Francisco Fashion Candice Cuoco CCUOCO Runway Show DIVERGE

DIVERGE  A runway preview for the CCUOCO 2015 Summer Collection
RSVP only
Thursday April 24th
7pm VIP reception @ Bergerac
8:30pm runway show @ Audio Discotech

If you’d like to join me for what promises to be a memorable and breathtaking evening of San Francisco Fashion check out the Facebook invitation here and don’t forget to RSVP.

Want a preview? Check out the CCUOCO DIVERGE video here!

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Clean Green Eating

As I said recently in my Women’s Health & Bikini Bodies post, in general diets and quick & dirty plans to drop weight for a specific event aren’t my forte. I’d prefer to live a healthy lifestyle that leaves me feeling great every day.

That doesn’t mean deviations won’t occur and there’s no shame in getting yourself back on track after a particularly indulgent period. Between holidays, big events, and traveling – You can start to feel tired and lethargic. The best possible way to increase your stamina and improve your day-to-day health is to clean up your diet.

I’m not talking about cleanses and detox programs, I’m taking about just eating a healthier, cleaner diet on a daily basis. Every decision you make effects your health – So you just have to start thinking about those choices before you make them.


{Sunday Preparation}

After the stress, sleep-deprivation, and seemingly non-stop travel of the last month I’m definitely looking to spend some quality time cleaning up my personal eating habits. Nothing crazy, nothing severe, just making better, more educated choices rather than letting my sleepiness or stress make the decision for me.

Below are a few of clean green eating goals:

Go GREEN – Between beautiful, tempting new produce showing up in stores & farmers markets, and re-reading my favorite Thrive book, I can’t seem to stop thinking about fruits & veggies. The timing couldn’t be better though, so I’ll be focusing my meals around fresh produce – From salads to smoothies to green juice.

Eat Clean – For me clean eating is about getting back to basics. It means skipping processed foods, eating out, and anything pre-made. It means leaving out sugar-filled dressings & sauces. It means savoring my food in its cleanest, most natural form with no added salt or sweeteners.

San Francisco Food Blogger Brunch Recipes Vegan Gluten-Free Paleo Primal Crackling Cauliflower

{Crackling Cauliflower}

High Raw - My body loves raw food. Some people may have trouble transitioning to a high raw diet and require the assistance of probiotics, but my body really appreciates raw fruits, veggies & nuts so that’s what I’m going to give it! :) During the Spring & Summer when I’m craving fresh produce I’ll usually eat raw until dinner or even for the whole day – Smoothies, giant salads, and raw or sprouts nuts, beans & seeds.

When you’re feeling less than your best, how do YOU adjust your diet?

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