Project Comeback | A Week of Workouts

There’s something about birthdays…

I love birthdays. I love celebrating other people’s birthdays and, after the occasional short-lived panic attack, I love celebrating my birthday too. But, despite my love of birthdays, the anticipation of one arriving can sometimes send me into a bit of a frenzy. I always want to feel, and look, my absolute best on each birthday. So at the end of Summer or the very beginning of Fall I’ll inevitably have a moment of “Oh wow – My birthday is in ___ weeks. Time to get serious.” And I’ll proceed to order all the anti-aging products at Sephora and start working out like a crazy person.

This Summer was especially fun and, if I’m honest, indulgent, so this year’s birthday pandemonium has had a touch more hysteria than normal. Enter – Project Comeback.

I adore having goals and something to reach for. I thrive when I’m pushing myself and trying to achieve something tangible. What I’m trying to say here, is that I’m hyper-competitive. And I’m definitely my favorite opponent. So, with almost 6 weeks to countdown, I’m happily chugging along towards my goals. While diet is a huge factor in a healthy lifestyle and in losing weight, I’m going to focus on the fitness aspect first.

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So, without further ado, here’s a week of workouts in Project Comeback:




  • 11am: Stretching + 20 minute bodyweight circuit
  • 5pm: 30 minutes of cardio + sauna



  • 11am: Stretching + 20 minute core workout



Tell me the truth – How do YOU deal with birthdays?

Note: This isn’t a guide for anyone else, nor am I telling you how you should workout. Everyone responds to different types of workouts and intensity, and if you’re unsure how to get started on your fitness journey, I recommend talking to a trainer or consulting your doctor first to ensure you’re healthy enough to begin working out regularly. 

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MCLV Style | Rooftops, Cocktail Dresses + Rosé

As far as I’m concerned, the perfect Summer trifecta is the fabulous and colorful combination of rooftops, cocktail dresses, and the perfect rosé.

Cocktail Dresses Rose Rooftop San Francisco Bay Area Fashion Food Fitness Lifestyle Blogger

Cocktail Dresses – Tibi via The Real Real {similar styles here, here, and here}

Sunglasses – Kate Spade New York

Black Wedges – Nine West

Cocktail Dresses Rose Rooftop San Francisco Bay Area Fashion Food Fitness Lifestyle Blogger

{Photography by Garry Alexander}

Cocktail Dresses Rose Rooftop San Francisco Bay Area Fashion Food Fitness Lifestyle Blogger

I love a good rooftop! I’ve always wanted an apartment with killer views from the roof and somehow always ended up in buildings with no rooftop access. That was especially disappointing when I lived in Russian Hill, Nob Hill, and Telegraph Hill, when the views would have been great. Luckily, the latest place as enough sunshine and views to appease years of wishing and hoping on my part. Water AND city views! 🙂

This Tibi shift is a favorite of mine. It’s just what I look for in cocktail dresses – It’s a classic silhouette and style, but with a twist. In this case, an eye-catching, modern print.

And the best thing to enjoy with a gorgeous view? Day Owl Rosé – Mais bien sur.

What’s YOUR favorite Summertime activity?

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The Bay Club | #BayClubHappy

This would need to be your first time visiting Moi Contre La Vie to be unaware that I’m a bit of a fitness nut. To put it nicely. I love Barry’s Bootcamp, Soulcycle, OrangeTheory, WheelHouse, and have really enjoyed trying out a host of local pilates and barre studios in San Francisco. I also like to do bodyweight and weight training sessions, and look forward to my weekends in part because that’s when I get a chance to run. All that being said, everyone plateaus. When The Bay Club reached out to ask if I was interested in a short-term partnership, I jumped at the chance!


First, the Bay Club is a well-known and respected institution in San Francisco. They have a handful of facilities, including ones with tennis courts and pools, and I’d had the chance to visit a few of their locations over the years.

Second, I was in the midst of a lull in my fitness routine. I was bored. I had hit a plateau and wasn’t making any progress, which was leaving me increasingly frustrated. When you use working out as your stress reliever, among other things, it’s not a good feeling when you don’t look forward to your gym sessions!

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While there are two gyms near my office in the Financial District, I found myself venturing to the main San Francisco location on Greenwich, and the tennis club in SOMA, the most often. Both facilities are large, with lots of space and equipment, and amazing locker rooms. The Greenwich location, simply called the Bay Club San Francisco, is the largest. It has an indoor pool, massive gym and cardio centers, a gift shop, basketball courts, a gorgeous spa, a café, and tons of classes throughout the week. Oh, and happy hour.

It’s basically a small town.

And while all of those facilities are great, the primary reason that I kept coming back for more was my personal trainer Kristina. I worked with a personal trainer the first time that I ventured into the gym after my back injury, but otherwise I’ve worked out alone. My new Bay Club membership included a free training session so I promptly set one up. When asked what I’d like to work on, I suggested using some of the machines, as I hadn’t had much exposure to them over the years. I left the first session sweating profusely, but smiling. And was still sore three days later. I like to be sore. I like to know that my workouts are, you know, working. When I got back from my trip, I emailed her about training packages, and now I’m on my second pack of 10 sessions.

A trainer teaches you, pushes you, and engages you. It’s really the last one that I’ve found most appealing. As I mentioned above, I was feeling frustrated and stagnant. I need to remember what I loved about training and change my perspective, which is what Kristina has done.

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Getting Fit | Daily Habits

Once you’ve kickstarted your healthier lifestyle and you’ve learned what to expect, it’s time to update your daily habits to set yourself up for success.

Here are a few little things that you can do every day to help you reach your goals.

Getting Fit Healthy Daily Habits San Francisco Bay Area Fashion Food Fitness Lifestyle Blogger


  • Start the day with water – I keep a full water bottle on my bedside table and right after making the bed, I start drinking my water. I have a full water bottle before I leave for work each and every morning. Especially if you’re someone who has trouble drinking enough water every day, this is a good way to kick off the day. Still having trouble getting enough water each day? Try a spa or infused water. My favorite combination is lemon, ginger, and mint!
  • Affirmations & Gratitude – If your morning routine includes a positive affirmation or a few moments of gratitude, you’re setting yourself up to have a positive outlook for the day. No more waking up on the wrong side of the bed, and this can help you greet each and every day with a good mindset. If you’re not sure where to start, check out this blog post – Affirmations & Gratitude| A Beginner’s Guide.
  • Get Enough Sleep – Everyone has a different optimal amount of sleep, some people need more, and others need a bit less. But if you’re waking up tired every day and crashing at 2pm, odds are that you need to schedule in bit more. I’m on the higher end of the scale and really do need to get 7 to 8 hours a night to feel my best. If you’re having trouble getting to bed early or getting quality sleep, check out these blog posts – Tips to Decrease Stress & Help You Sleep, Calming Night Routine, and After Work Routine | How to Destress.
  • Make Working Out Non-Negotiable – My biggest trick to get myself to the gym when I’m not in the mood is to simply not give myself a chance to question the habit. The gym is on the schedule every day, no matter what. No negotiations. Stop thinking of working out as something that you do if there’s time or if you’re in the mood – And start making attendance mandatory. That doesn’t mean you need to spend an hour at your gym, just make sure that you’re moving. Take a class, go for a walk, take a bike ride after dinner.
  • Meal Prep – This may seem daunting or unappealing, but truthfully, meal prepping can be the thing that makes or breaks your healthy lifestyle on a day-to-day basis. Why? Because when you’re hungry, tired, or stressed after work or school, you want food and you want it now. And if there’s nothing healthy to reach for, you’ll reach for what’s convenient, which is often not the healthiest of options. Meal prepping doesn’t have to be hours of work, try some of these quick and easy tips – Weekend Meal Prep, Sunday Preparation, and Meal Prep for Two People.

Getting Fit Healthy Daily Habits San Francisco Bay Area Fashion Food Fitness Lifestyle Blogger

What are YOUR favorite healthy habits to incorporate daily?

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2018 Labor Day Sales

Labor Day Weekend may mark the unofficial end of Summer, but it doesn’t have to be a sad moment. There’s a long weekend to look forward to and – drum roll please – Labor Day sales! Below are some fun sales that you may enjoy checking out – Everything from designer goodies and beauty essentials to workwear and everyone’s favorite place to over-shop. 🙂


  • Ann Taylor – Take 40% off full priced styles and 50% off sale styles with the code READYSETSALE
  • ASOS – 20% off with the code DAYOFF ends 8/30
  • Bloomingdales – Home sale of 20%-50% off ends 9/3
  • Boohoo – New styles are 50% off
  • Macy’s – You can take an extra 20% off with the code WKND, plus free shipping for orders over $49 through 9/3

2018 Labor Day Sales Online Shopping San Francisco Bay Area Fashion Food FItness Lifestyle Beauty Blogger

  • Moda Operandi – If you’re new to MO you can take 10% off your first purchase with the code NEWTOMO
  • The Outnet – Shop the 50% off Labor Day Sale here
  • Shopbop – Get up to 70% off clothing, shoes, and accessories here
  • Target – You can take up to 30% off through 9/3 and an extra 15% off furniture
  • Ulta – Use the code 679729 to get 20% off with a qualifying purchase through 9/1
  • Urban Outfitters – Get 30% off sale items through 9/3

Happy shopping friends! 🙂

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