10 Day Style Challenge

In an effort to shake things up style-wise I decided to participate in Freckles in April‘s 10 Day Challenge, which started on Monday, January 23. I don’t know about you, but I have favorite pieces in my closet and tried-and-true looks that I throw together on a regular basis. Perhaps too frequently… While it’s great to have some go-to looks to save you time in the mornings, sometimes that can mean a style rut or even – gasp – forgetting about great pieces that are smashed in the back of your closet.

Freckles in April

The 10 Day Challenge: Winter Edition consisted of Miss Kayla providing a daily prompt for inspiration and the participants using said prompts to choose their look for the following day. Since the majority of my day is spent in the office and I don’t always change before running errands or going out after work, I wanted to include some work looks as well as more casual attire over the course of the 10 days. I’m going to share the looks with you two at a time so that I don’t overwhelm you with pictures of me for the next two weeks.

You’re welcome!

My friend Liz was kind enough to act as photographer over the course of the 10 day period and she’s doing a great job despite my complete and utter hatred of having my picture taken. Hopefully this challenge will be the beginning of me sharing more of my daily fashion looks!

Day 1 : Layer It

I’m starting you off easy! But the biggest perk of doing a winter challenge is that we can wear layers. Layers add depth and complexity to an outfit as well as warmth. It’s a great way to work in pattern or texture and there are a million different ways you can go about it.

What I love about layering is that it gives you a chance to give an outfit depth. As amazing as a fabulous dress or a great suit can look, layers allow you more creativity and a chance to make a look wholly your own.

Source, Source & Source

I wanted my layers look to be colorful and fun so that it got me out of my all black phase, warm enough to survive the day and professional looking so that it would be appropriate for a Monday at the office.

Dress: BCBG, Coat: Zara, Purse: Zara, Gloves: H&M, Tights: Kate Spade, Pumps: Very Volatile, Pashmina: from market in Manila & Sunglasses: Christian Dior

I was worried that the red coat with a thick black belt would be too Santa Clause but the vibe ended up at the other end of the spectrum, closer to Little Red Riding Hood. It turned out pretty well if I do say so myself!

Day 2 : Monochrome

There is just something about a monochromatic outfit that feels so wonderfully organized and clean to me. Last time I went safe with blue..we’ll see if I can be a little bolder this time!

I agree with Kayla’s comment above, the first word that I would use to describe most monochromatic looks would be “clean.” And who better to take as my inspiration than the King of Clean himself – Michael Kors?


I’m not going to lie, it took ever fiber of self-control that I have not to wear all black for my monochromatic look. Its safe. Its slimming. Oh, and I have any entire closet full of it… But, it’s also my go-to and the point of this little exercise is to mix things up.

Dress: Banana, Purse: BCBG, Jewelry - Vintage, JewelMint & Tiffany's, Booties: BCBG & Coat: H&M

I was surprised by how well the various shades of grey worked together – the tights and booties ended up complimenting the dress even better than I’d hoped. No, I’ll never be Zoe, but I can emulate her style! Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right?

Stay tuned for the next eight looks of the challenge, including some separates and street clothes…


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10 Responses to 10 Day Style Challenge

  1. Awesome use of colour and lines for your challenges – you chose clothes that really accentuate your figure and shades that compliment your skin tone.

  2. Kitty

    Love the Red Coat look. Your red hair is bringing out the girrrrl in you.


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