Restaurant Review: Gary Danko

My friend Arianna and I had the great pleasure of eating at Restaurant Gary Danko two weeks ago and the dining experience was made even better due to the fact that we were there to celebrate her birthday.

First thing’s first though, Cupcake-ery while we got ready.

Followed by me hamming it up for the camera…

We took my brother to Gary Danko for his birthday a few years ago so we knew the process and had both scoped out the menu online before hand. I actually called in and let them know that I had dietary restrictions and allergies and they assured me that anything on the vegetarian menu could be altered to be vegan and gluten-free. I went with three courses (and had a GIANT main), while Arianna went with four – she’s a big fan of seafood so she had trouble narrowing it down. 🙂

Unfortunately I didn’t get pictures of everything, truth be told I was just too excited about the food to slow down! (And I felt beyond awkward with my flash in the fancy, dim restaurant)

Crab Salad - This dish got the response "Oh my gosh it's so fun in here!" as she started pulling it apart.


Moroccan couscous - SO GOOD

Quite the dessert selection for the birthday girl! 
Gary Danko is one of the best restaurants in San Francisco – pricy and hard to get reservations – but truly a great dining experience on all fronts. The food is divine, the decor dim and soothing, the atmosphere decadent and the service is unparalleled. I highly recommend this restaurant for a birthday, anniversary or other special occasion.
Have a good Wednesday night, I’ll be back tomorrow with reviews of the London Fashion Week collections.


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