Mission: Put Together 2012 – Week I

Welcome to my first post in connection with Definitely RA‘s 2012 fashion challenge, which is called Mission: Put Together – 2012. I really, really enjoyed the difficulty of the first fashion challenge that I participated in earlier this year – Freckles In April’s’ 10 Day Style Challenge – it was fun and a great reminder to keep things interesting.

M:PT 2012 Challenges

As you can see from the diagram above, this challenge is pretty well-rounded and includes some great categories to try out during May. Due to time constraints I didn’t get a chance to submit a daily look, but I was able to participate at least a few times each week.

So stay tuned, this will be post number one of five relating to Mission: Put Together – 2012!


When I first looked at this – fine, when I printed a copy and stuck it to the wall in my closet – I realized something unexpected. A large chunk of the pieces in my closet that I would label as “colored” are patterned as well.

Truth is, very little of the clothing in my closet is completely monochromatic, outside of the black family that is. I have lots of solid black.

Dress: Love 21, Shoes: Franco Sarto, Sunglasses: Christian Dior & Jewelry: JewelMint, vintage, BCBG & Zara

Trench: H&M (this is my favorite trench actually, not only as it lasted forever, it has the cutest polka dot fabric inside), Purse: Chanel & Gym Bag: medium Longchamp le Pliage tote (ridiculously versatile, I never travel w/out one folded up in my luggage) *

*I talked about this great H&M trench in my Real Girls Need Real Closets post and the fabulous Longchamp le Pliage bags that I use incessantly here.

I originally ordered this dress when I was still in my ‘all black all the time’ phase. I was always really ambitious about colors but frequently the things I ordered/bought sat in my closet with the tags firmly in tact until one of my famous closet cleaning parties (I’ll video the next one, my friends are hysterical!) This dress however, I bravely put on and immediately fell in love with. Red, white, and black animal print sounds much more intense than this dress ends up being, and given the length and cut I’ve even deemed it work-appropriate (see What NOT to Wear to Work).

One color that I do have a few solid colored pieces of is bright coral – I actually have three different dresses in virtually the exact same shade.

Left: Alternative T-Shirt Dress & Right: Doo Ri for Macy’s Impulse Sheath Dress

I got my colors done when I was a teenager and at the time I was told that coral and blue were the ideal colors for me to wear. However, I was surprised to find this past week that this bright coral shade looks just as good with my new red hair color as it always does with my natural strawberry blonde shade. Maybe its my skin tone not my hair color?

Dress: Alternative (from Macy’s), Bag: Asos (faux), Heeled Sandals: Nine West, Cuff: World Market (weird, right?), and Necklace: JewelMint

This is a great summer outfit, the thin t-shirt dress is perfect for warm days and the color is really fun.

Bright Accessories:

As exhausted as I am by the phrase “pop of color” already this season, I do like this trend very much. I think it’s fun and fresh, and give you a chance to really be creative. Below are two of my favorite splashes during this first week of the challenge. And both – surprise – are kind of patterned as well!

Day Clutch: Forever 21

I’ll use any excuse to ditch my giant Mary Poppins purse and carry a day clutch – and adding this much-needed splash of coral to a jeans and t-shirt look was just such an excuse! 🙂

Ballet Flats: Ruby & Bloom

How pretty is this pattern? Ruby & Bloom are one of my favorite brands of flats, as I’ve mentioned before, and these are incredibly comfortable shoes. I wore these with rolled up dark denim jeans and they looked adorable.


As we all know, I love stripes. In fact, I’m so smitten by them that I chose this heavy knit, knee-length Victoria’s Secret dress for a friend’s wedding two weeks ago.

Striped Dress: Victoria’s Secret, Nude Pumps: BCBGeneration, Necklace: Asos.com, Bracelet: Forever 21, Sunglasses: Chrisian Dior, White Wrap: H&M, and Handbag: Givenchy

Who wears stripes to a wedding?

This girl!

I told you I had a stripe problem. My favorite part of the look, as per usual, were the accessories. I’ve had this black floral necklace for ages and I think I’ve only worn it once before.

Then of course there’s the bag I insisted on carrying…


And as nervous as I was, the dress ended up being a big hit, everyone loved it including my mom who is usually my toughest critic! 🙂


Prints were sort of my sartorial gateway drug. When I decided that I was going to wear less black on a daily basis the first thing I turned to were prints. I’d collected dozens of striped and printed pieces way before ever touching a solidly colored frock.

Dress: Banana Republic and Heels: Zara

Is there anything easier to wear than a jersey wrap dress? They’re just so effortlessly chic. Must be the Diane Von Furstenberg factor. 🙂

Flower Ring: Forever 21, Beaded Coral Necklace: Banana Republic, Jade Ring: Juicy Couture, and Chain Link Bracelet: JewelMint

I love love love black & white outfits with bright accessories or shoes, and while I adore this new necklace, I have to say that I wouldn’t have enjoyed the look nearly as much if I hadn’t decided to also add the yellow flower and jade rings.

What do you think? Are you interested joining the challenge and spicing up your Spring & Summer wardrobes?


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