May Round-Up

How was everyone’s May? Did you enjoy your three-day weekend to celebrate Memorial Day?

I had some pretty lofty goals for May that included cooking more, progressing with my physical therapy, and participating in a fun fashion challenge that would inspire me to up my fashion game during the month. And you know what? I’d like a do-over.

May was hectic on both the work and the life side of things for me. With two weddings, a law school graduation, buying a new car, the CrossFit Regionals in San Jose, a family visit, a trip to Sacramento, a back procedure, and an emergency root canal, my month quickly spun out of my control. Quickly.

P.S. We named her Eleanor. She wants to be a Shelby Mustang when she grows up.

When I look back at the month I’m happy to say that I actually ate pretty well and was able to keep up my daily walking routine for the most part. However that being said, none of my official goals were met, or really even thought of, over the course of the month.

So rather than break down everything that I did wrong or what I wish I could have done differently, I’m going to just say that I enjoyed myself in May and call the month of June a do-over so that I can start with a clean, guilt-free slate.

A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do!

New June Goals:
My food goals for June are going to be more specific than usual, my boyfriend is competing in a food challenge with his gym and as a result I’ll have more control over my weekend eating habits. Ya! Here’s the basic breakdown:
  • No restaurants
  • No takeout
  • No processed foods
  • Cook for every meal
  • Pay attention to portion sizes

I’ve actually done a great job of this already, I’ve been cooking up a storm all week, and didn’t order anything when I went to a Mexican restaurant Saturday night for my beautiful cousin’s birthday. Ya me! Ya self-control!


My next round of physical therapy starts in a week so once again it’s time to work really hard on my exercises but make a conscious effort not to push myself too hard. Too much will send me back to the starting line, so I need to really listen to my body and acknowledge when I can’t do something even when I want to try. I’m also going to amp up my daily walking routine. Currently I walk 1.4 miles to work, and then home again. In addition to this I’m going to implement a short afternoon walk Monday through Thursday, as well as another taxi moratorium on weekends.

All walking all the time!


Unfortunately I didn’t get to participate in Definitely RA’s Mission: Put Together May fashion challenge as much as I wanted to – SOB – so I’m going set a few goals for myself for June to make it up to myself.

  1. No wearing all black every day. Black dresses for work and weekends are fine, so long as the accessories take them up a notch and making them interesting and unique.
  2. I’m awful at doing my hair. Awful. I pull it back into a simple bun 95% of the time. For June I’m going to make an effort to “style” it as much as possible. Pictures forthcoming. Hopefully.
  3. Weekends are for color during June – As little black on weekends as possible. I’m scared already!!!

Good luck to everyone during June, let’s all work hard to meet our goals and keep each other motivated!


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