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Intervals are key! Check out the 400-Calorie Tush-Toning Interval Workout or Tabata Workouts To Burn Fat Fast from FitSugar.


A great way to cram veggies into your diet is by adding them to smoothies in the morning. You can easily add fresh, healthy, and easily digestible source of vitamins. Refinery 29 agrees – 5 Reasons Why Kale Is The Ultimate Look-Gorgeous, Feel-Amazing Food. Not a fan of breakfast? Try JL Goes Vegan’s Creamy Kale Miso Soup for a great source of nutrients.

Interested in getting back to basics or implementing an organic training program? Check out Charles Poliquin’s Train Like Your Ancestors: Tips to Achieve Optimal Health and Body Composition.

Even if you only have a few minutes you can still squeeze in some energy-boosting moves:



If you’re looking for a way to spice up one of your accessories for Summer I have some fabulous ideas for you – DIY: Neon chain handbag from Crimenes de la Moda and/or DIY: Floral Bangles. The end results of both of these Do It Yourself projects are fun and chic – Can you have a better combination?

Are you a fan of maxi dresses? I love the light feel and fun silhouette of maxi skirts and dresses during the warm weather months. See Olivia Palermo’s picks for this summer – Let It Flow.

Not in a place to replace your wardrobe each season? Me either. Check out Chictopia’s East Coast to West Coast: 5 Pieces That Will Complete Your Summer Wardrobe featuring the amazing Late Afternoon and Song of Style bloggers.

Sometimes a sleek ponytail is just the finishing touch that an outfit needs. A Cup Of Jo shares her tips for the perfect Sleek Parted Ponytail.

Need a project? Try out FabSugar’s DIY: Give Your Collared Top a Gypset Style Twist!


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13 Responses to Links You’ll Love

  1. JL goes Vegan

    Thanks for linking up to my creamy kale miso soup! I’m a huge kale fan so I love the link up to all the reasons kale is awesome! 🙂

    • I can’t seem to eat enough kale or spinach so I’m always on the lookout for new recipes or information on them. Thanks for the amazing soup recipe!

  2. Sam

    Love the DIY project!

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