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How did you enjoy the Summary Saturday post last week? I think I’ll try to include a summary-style post once or twice a month going forward so that you can keep up with all of the outlets that I’m sharing information, posts, pictures, and my daily life on – So keep an eye out!

I loved reading the Karl Lagerfeld and Tom Ford interviews for Harper’s Bazaar, I found them totally engrossing. Not only is Bazaar my favorite fashion magazine, Karl & Tom are two of my favorite designers. I was struck by how structured both of their daily routines are, how organized and precise their plans are on a daily basis. Then I realized how similarly I structure my days, how methodically and precisely I plan out my time during the week – Minus the jet setting & high fashion obviously.

So, without in any way comparing myself to either of these gentlemen, I thought I’d share with you guys a 24 hour breakdown of a my usual days here in San Francisco, California.


{Longchamp Le Pliage gym bag}

4am - Wake up, throw on workout gear, wash my face & teeth, feed the cats, and I’m out the door in 10-15 minutes. I always walk to and from work, its 1.4 miles each way, and I’ve found that it’s the perfect wake up at that hour. I pick out my work clothes the night before and fill a small Longchamp le Pliage bag with my clothes, shoes, jewelry, and accessories so that I can just grab it on my way out in the morning. Unfortunately the weather in San Francisco is frequently different at 8pm and at 4am so I always carry an umbrella and a pashmina or jacket.

Just in case.

5:15am - By 5am-5:15am I’ve gotten through a short interval workout or (these days) my physical therapy routine, showered, dressed, and gotten back upstairs to my desk. At this point I answer emails – both personal and business related, catch-up on social media (Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram…) and start writing a To Do List for the day. I try to limit myself to 15-20 minutes of play time before I start concentrating on work, but throughout the day I allow myself to check back in a handful of times.

{Sunwarrior Protein Smoothie}

5:30am – Breakfast time! Well… Breakfast #1 time anyway. Around 5:30am I make a smoothie, frequently one large enough to split into two bottles and “snack” on throughout the morning. I haven’t been very creative in the smoothie department the last few months and virtually every morning I’ve had the same smoothie: spinach, ginger, lemon juice, an apple, and vanilla Sun Warrior protein powder. Sometimes I’ll use kale instead of spinach and occasionally I’ll add a banana rather than an apple, the gist of it is the same.

8am – This is traditionally when I’ll break for some more social media and have some fruit. I’m spoiled beyond belief and my office supplies us with fresh fruit each morning, anything from apples, bananas, and melon to berries, cherries and pineapple. I don’t like the taste of coffee but I’ll occasionally have a coffee with coconut milk or an espresso in the late morning. I hate the idea of needing caffeine to wake up so I usually hold off until I’ve been at work for a few hours. I also love peppermint tea in the morning, and I’ll usually combine it with a green tea bag to get more health benefits.

1pm-5pm - I’m currently on a shortened schedule due to my spinal injury so I’m leaving the office around 1pm each day to walk home and then I’m working from home until 4pm-5pm each night. During this period I work, cook, run errands near my apartment like grocery shopping or picking things up from the cleaners, or I’ll go for a walk to Fort Mason and back. Something to stretch my back and get me out of my apartment so I don’t go crazy since I’m there all afternoon. I don’t like having a heavy dinner right before bed so this is also the time that I’ll have my largest meal of the day, usually around 4pm.

5pm-7pm - This is the part of the day that I look forward to most! This is when I blog, research, jot down notes, look at recipes, check the blogs that I follow, write, and enjoy all that social media has to offer for a couple of hours. I’ll munch on raw veggies and hummus while I lose myself online – Writing, reading, and enjoying myself. Occasionally I’ll forgo this downtime for dinner with a friend or an evening out, but usually only once or twice a week, I definitely like to keep to my routine as much of the week as I can.

8pm-9pm – Time to get ready for bed! Stretching, maybe a long soak in the tub, laying down with the heating pad, and reading are all part of my bedtime routine during the week. While I used to suffer from insomnia, I’m thrilled to say that I actually look forward to laying down these days. It’s a time to relax, take some deep breaths after a hectic day, and let go of the stress of the last 16-17 hours.

So tell me, what is your typical day like? Are yours as structured as mine?


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