August Round-Up

After a fun, action-packed July I was looking forward to a social, but slightly more relaxing August. I broke out the shorts and soaked up some Summer sun at my family’s cabin on Fallen Leaf Lake in Tahoe, spent a lovely weekend wine tasting in Sonoma, and watched some friends kick booty at a CrossFit competition in the city. Not too shabby.

Let’s Review My August Goals:


Now that Arianna and I are back on our healthy meal plan I find that I have TONS of motivation to get creative in the kitchen. And whether I’ve been in Sacramento or San Francisco, I’ve managed to find farmers markets most weekends in July, which I want to keep up during August so that the apartment is always stocked with healthy basics. I’ve been planning dishes around what I’ve been able to pick up which I love to do since it makes me feel extra healthy to eat seasonal, local, and organic produce.

{Tofu & Veggie Stirfry and shredded Brussels sprout salad & cauliflower mash – MCLV Mange posts to come!}

August was another healthy month, in fact, I can only remember a single restaurant trip! Lots of new recipes – like those above – and lots of baking. Now that the boy is trying to reduce his sugar intake I’ll probably take a short hiatus from all of the sweet treats though, so September will have less kitchen time.

{“Healthy” Super Charge Me Cookies – YUM}


Physical therapy, physical therapy, physical therapy.

Same old, same old. The good news is that my doctor is letting me extend my work hours so that I’ll be spending more time at the office. How sad is it that I’m thoroughly looking forward to this?

I can answer that for you. Pretty sad.


August will be more of the same fashion-wise, I want to expand my comfort zone and keep the color coming. I also want to head into the Fall season having exhausted every piece of bright, patterned Summer-wear in my closet!

Color Color Color! My personal style has been creative and bright lately, I’ve been having a lot of fun with it. I’ve also had the amazing opportunity to work with Sasha Maks Vintage this month so stay tuned for more Styling 101 posts featuring her killer vintage jewelry!

September Goals:

After a crazy busy Spring and a fun, but indulgent Summer I’m hoping that September will be the beginning of a healthy, active, responsible Fall for me.


I still plan to be social and I will keep up the weekly dinners with Arianna, but I want to reduce wine  consumption to once or twice a month, rather than every weekend, and eat a primarily raw diet this month. Monday through Friday I usually eat raw for three of my four meals – Smoothies, fruit, salad, nuts, veggies & hummus – and then roasted or sautéed vegetables with tofu, tempeh, quinoa or seitan for dinner. For September I’d like to eat primarily raw during the week, then have more flexibility over the weekends.


Finally it’s time to report some good news on this front! My latest doctor’s appointment was quite positive so in addition to continuing physical therapy I’ll be increasing my hours at work. This means that I can start going downstairs to the gym for a mid-day workout during the week. I. Am. So. Excited.

So stay tuned for a new fitness series similar to the Gym Goddess posts that I published last year, this one will chronicle my re-introduction to working out and focusing on strengthening my core.


I love Fall. I love love love Fall. I’ve had fun with colors, prints, and lighter fabrics all Summer – not to mention wearing shorts for the first time since Junior High – but I have to admit that I’m thrilled for Fall to arrive so that I can break out my outerwear and cold weather accessories.

If you’re a fan of To Do Lists and setting goals for yourself than I think you’ll love this great post from the always inspirational Gala Darling – 50 Things To Do Before Summer Ends…

Does the end of Summer inspire you to shake things up? Are you ready for a detox or cleanse after a few months of over indulging and vacation mentality? Do you love the changing of seasons from a sartorial standpoint?


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