Fall 2012 Must Haves

Now that the weather is cooling off and the stores are filling with outerwear and winter accessories – swoon – it’s time to start preparing ourselves for the joys of Fall fashion. For me that means reorganizing closets and drawers so that cold weather clothes are easily accessible, getting inspired by fantastic, envy-inducing street style, and stocking up on a few necessities to update my wardrobe.

Patterns & Prints:

Printed blouses, skirts, pants, jackets, and tops will be all the rage once the weather starts to cool. And even more fun than great patterned pieces – mixing & matching contrasting prints will be the thing to do.

{Fall Essentials – WhoWhatWear}

Can you tell that I’m excited to try out this trend? There are a never-ending number of combinations for how to apply this trend and that means injecting your own feel and creativity into everything. From animal prints and snake-skin to lace and brocades to plaids and checkers – You can find anything to suit your mood!


Whether you’re in the mood for a killer leather sheath dress or accents like leather-sleeves on a jacket or blazer, be sure to add some faux leather to your wardrobe.

{Wanting For Fall – The Glamourai}

The Glamourai has phenomenal taste – Just browse her website you’ll agree – And she’s all about the leather touches for Fall. The contrasting black leather on the two jackets here {Helene Berman Trench – left & Topshop Army Jacket – right} and the adorable deep red dress {Dorothy Perkins} are just what these pieces need to take them to the next level.

Pants Pants Pants:

From sleek leather to fun prints to rich brocades – Pants will be absolutely everywhere this Fall so be sure to swoop up some up for yourself as soon as you can!

{Wear Now & Later – SS13 Trends from The Subtle Statement}

I have to admit that this is the trend that I’m most looking forward to. Not only was it showcased beautifully last season in the Fall 2012 Collections, it was also quite prevalent this season for Spring 2013. That means we can enjoy this amazing trend for Fall and Winter, then trade in our darker, richer colored pants for brights and florals for Spring!


Whether you’re a fan of college professor-style tweed jackets or blazers (elbow patch optional) or a chic little tweed mini – Find a way to work tweed into your life these coming months. Not only will it help keep you warm as the temperatures start to drop, it also adds a touch of elegance and maturity to a look.

{1 Piece – 6 Ways: The Tweed Skirt from Style Lovely – My Daily Style}

This is a great example of a fun, fresh way to work in a tweed piece without the look becoming stuffy or overly formal. The neon draped top, metallic silver belt, and fun black & white accessories give the look a unique twist perfect for Fall!


Another fun trend to try is asymmetry – From asymmetrical zippers to hems, this adds a splash of irreverence and nonchalance to a look which is especially nice when you’re all covered up for Fall.

{Harper’s Bazaar – Skirting The Issue}

Clearly Harper’s Bazaar agreed! These skirts are anything but boring with interesting hemlines, fun zipper details, overlapping fabrics, and slits that’ll keep you guessing.


Burgundy. Bordeaux. Oxblood. These are all fun new labels for the deep, dark red that’s going to be everywhere this Fall. If this color looks amazing on you, go full tilt and grab a dress or fabulous coat, but if you’re convinced that it’s not the red for you than find some oxfords, booties, or even a handbag in this rich hue.

{Burgundy Acne Wanties – Annawii}

The pieces above are all from Acne but they perfectly illustrate the diversity of this color, how rich and beautiful it looks, and how perfectly suited for Fall it is. So run – don’t walk – to your nearest shop and pick some up!

Curious what other bloggers and fashion publications are craving for Fall?

Don’t worry boys, I haven’t forgotten about you, be sure to stay tuned for a Fall 2012 Menswear Shopping Guide soon – In the meantime you can enjoy the Gangnam Style post! 🙂

What trend are you most excited to try out this Fall?


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