October Round-Up

I adore November, it’s my favorite time of the year for a number of reasons. It’s birthday season not only in my family – me, my boyfriend’s brother, my dad, my brother’s fiance & my parents anniversary – but also in my department at work, which means lunchtime treats at least once a week. November is also the start of the holiday season – Halloween is my FAVORITE holiday, I love all the Autumn decorations, and to top it all off, it means that Christmas is right around the corner.

Let’s check up on how I did on my goals for October…

October Goals:

My primary goal for October is to make myself a priority. That may sound a bit selfish but I feel as though we modern ladies spend so much time thinking about everyone in our lives – significant other, friends, family, colleagues – and putting effort into our daily routines, that we tend to forget about ourselves. October will be about my health, my goals, my writing – I’m going to make an effort to really enjoy my passions and spend time on my hobbies.


I’m going to participate in the Green Thickies 7 Day Meal Replacement Green Smoothie Challenge at the beginning of October  – And I’m really looking forward to it. Rather than replace a single meal each day I’ll aim for consuming 2-3 smoothies a day plus raw fruit and vegetables.

This was such a fun challenge to participate in! I started the month off on the best possible foot with a week of two-a-day smoothies. I ate mostly raw for my final meal of the day and had a ball coming up with tasty smoothie concoctions. My usual green monsters {Sun Warrior vanilla protein, Navitas wheatgrass, spinach or kale, lemon, fresh ginger, cinnamon & an apple} and fruit smoothies with cherry, pineapple, or strawberries as the main ingredient. It was a delicious week and I felt amazing!


While I’ll be keeping up with my walking and physical therapy, what I’m most excited about for October fitness wise is finally getting to my 2012 Bucket List. Sean and I made a list of fun San Francisco things to try – like bike riding across the Golden Gate Bridge, the Lands End hike, and kayaking in the Bay – but there were too many tourists around in this Summer so we’re going to finally tackle the list this Fall. Updates and cheesy pictures to follow!

October ended up being ALL about walking – check out my mileage below – walking to and from work, long walks to the Ferry Building Farmers Market, and even daily walks to Fort Mason and Ghirardelli Square to enjoy the phenomenal Indian Summer weather we had in San Francisco.


Bring on the accessories! My favorite parts of Fall are the extras – From fabulous outerwear to chic gloves, scarves & pashminas, hats, and boots. You’ll notice that my Fall style is all about layering, I love mixing up my pieces and piling on the accessories. I also have something of an outerwear obsessions. I have dozens of blazers, wool & cashmere jackets, trench coats etc. Can’t wait to break them out!

Despite October being the warmest month of 2012 here in San Francisco, I still managed to break out my fabulous cold weather gear – From my favorite H&M coat {Sergeant Pepper} to my new Floral Blazer from Piperlime {Factory Girl} to my cute new sweaters {Ditzy Fox & Pardon My French}.

New Goals for November:

I’m going to have a house guest for most of November so my primary goal will be learning to control & deal with the stress in my life, as well as decompressing after work in a socially acceptable manner – Baby carrots & hummus out of the container in workout clothes while catching up on my Twitter feed isn’t exactly the image I’d like to project.


The boyfriend and I have a potentially dangerous love of Indian food so we’ll definitely be putting a cap on the amount of takeout we’re allowed to order during November, we’ll probably try to limit it to once or twice. Luckily we both love to cook – though we don’t eat even remotely a like – so I’m sure November will be full of trips to the Farmers Market & grocery stores, cooking, and “family” dinners.

I’m also officially giving up diet soda during the week this month. I’ve reduced my intake dramatically over the last year but I still have the occasional Cherry Coke Zero or Cherry Diet Dr. Pepper during the week so going forward those will be weekend treats only!

{Inspired by Vegan Sparkles’s Vegan MoFo Tandoori Cauliflower & Cucumber Raita Wraps – Recipe coming soon!}


In addition to chugging along with my physical therapy I’m sure that November will be chock full of walks and hiking. Sean and I are both huge proponents of walking for fitness and low-intensity fasted cardio {see his guest post on this topic here} so I’m hoping that in addition to my 1.4 mile walk to and from work, we can institute an afternoon stroll each day.


I’m BEYOND excited to have my “photographer” in-house for most of the month and I’m sure I’ll be dragging him all over the city to take fashion shots. Hopefully this will mean that I will have some workwear and low-key weekday looks to share with you during the month of November in addition to the usual weekend outfits.

This month I also wanted to share some of my little achievements since my goal was to make it a “me” month!

  • 4 massages
  • 60+ miles walked
  • 2 trips to the Ferry Building Farmer’s Market
  • 7 online purchases (Seriously guys, I clearly a problem, someone sign me up for a 12-step program)

How was everyone else’s October? Did you enjoy our first month of Fall? Are you getting geared up for a fabulous holiday season now that Halloween has come and gone?


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