2012 Round-Up

Rather than put together a December Round-Up I decided to do something a little different this month with this 2013 Round-Up. I want to look back on the year as a whole and reflect, as well as put together some goals and wishes for the new year.

In my recent 2012 Highlights & A Little About Moi I shared some of my favorite posts of 2012, but this was also a big year from a personal standpoint – So here are a few of my favorite personal moments from the year:

  • My best friend got married in a gorgeous San Diego ceremony that was funny, beautiful, moving, and 100% her, and I was thrilled to be a part of the festivities – The Perfect Weekend
  • My aunt, one of the most influential forces in my life, celebrated a big birthday and her Summer jubilee was one of the most fun evenings this year – Weekend Wonderland
  • I turned three-oh this Fall and celebrated with a week’s worth of festivities which culminated in an amazing weekend in Sonoma with my family and closest friends – Birthday Bonanza


It was also a big year for Moi Contre La Vie:

  • I added a weekly personal style post & am learning how to be on the receiving end of a camera lens – MCLV Style
  • I established a new partnership with Sasha Maks Vintage and really enjoyed our Styling 101 series this year, which we plan to keep going through 2013
  • My love of cooking, baking & healthy eating led me to create a new series to share my recipes – MCLV Mange

Hopes & Wishes For 2013:

  • Media Maven – One of the things that I’m most proud of myself for during 2012 was learning about and keeping up with shifts in social media. I’m not known for my tech skills, gadgets, or ability to stay on top of current trends in the technology world so I make one of those “I’m so proud of myself but I’ll try to appear humble” faces when I think about not only creating a Facebook page, and accounts on Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and Lookbook.nu but actually using them. All the time. And sharing. So rather than rest on my laurels 2013 will be all about continuing this trend and finding new fun & entertaining ways to share my passions with you guys!
  • Writing, Writing, Writing – While I do not believe in regrets, I do believe in looking back & taking stock. If I think about what my goals & ambitions were for 2012 the thing I am most disappointed in myself for not pursuing is my writing. Starting this blog was the first step for me sharing the written word. But rather than dwell on my disappointment I will head into 2013 DETERMINED to not only continue to write, but to work up the nerve to have my stories read.
  • Expansion & Growth – This year I really got into the groove on MCLV and created a site that I’m really proud of. In 2013 I want to expand, rework, and create more exciting & inspiring content. From collaborations to videos to fun DIY projects, there are lots of projects in the works!
  • Be Positive – Approaching my life with more positivity and reducing negative thoughts was a major goal in 2012 and while I’m quite pleased with my progress in this area I do believe that this is a self-improvement project that should be ongoing rather than a one-time resolution. So that means I will spend 2013 trying to approach situations with a positive attitude, handle changes & setbacks with an open mind, and work towards banishing unnecessary & negative thoughts from my mind.


{Top: Holiday Styling, Oxblood Brocade & Caped Crusader // Bottom: Lazy Stripes, Leopard Print & Holiday Style}

Happy New Year to you all – I hope that all of you realized all of your wishes & dreams for 2012 and that you have a fun, safe New Years Eve before starting a fabulous new year.


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