What’s Your Fashion Statement?

One of my favorite fashion & fashion blogging-related communities to be a part of is The Girls Inspired Group – It’s supportive, fun, and brings you in contact with so many talented bloggers and their fabulous sites. There seriously aren’t enough hours in the day for me to check out as many lovely blogs as I’d like to!

In addition to introducing all of us blogger to one another, the group is also inspiring us with fun spotlight topics for us to write posts about. This week’s topic is a great one so I felt like I needed to participate – GIG Spotlight #2 Fashion Tag: What’s Your Fashion Statement?

So here goes… I would describe my personal style as classic with a twist – I love basic black & chic, timeless pieces – But with a fun, eye-catching twist like the addition of statement jewelry or an on-trend accessory.


{Examples of my ever-evolving style – Caped Crusader, Lady of the Night & Striped Leopard}

My closets are filled to the brim with basics like perfect Little Black Dresses, trench coats, quality striped & polka-dotted pieces, chic blouses, classic pumps, great fitting jeans, season-less bags…


{See Real Girls Need Real Closets, Real Girls Need Real Closets – Accessories Edition, and Closet Organization for suggestions & recommendations for what basics you can try out!}

But I also do a seasonal refresher every few months in order to add new accessories, pieces in fun, on-trend colors & prints, and maybe collect a new bag. Or two. 🙂 This process definitely involves a trip to Zara & some online shopping at my favorite go-to stores.


{Some recent acquisitions that have made their way into my closet via the Paragon Outlets in Livermore, Zara, Forever 21, BCBG, Neiman Marcus & Bloomingdale’s}

So tell me, what’s YOUR fashion statement?

Join me and follow my daily life, and the fun I have cooking, shopping, styling for events, and enjoying San Francisco on these platforms:


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15 Responses to What’s Your Fashion Statement?

  1. Omg, I sooo love your style! I love all this spot-on twists you’ve incorporated your outfits with. It’s amazing! Not everyone can pull that off, but you do it effortlessly! And look at those collection! Thanks so much for joining this tag, it’s so good to know you a little bit more and the things you love.

    Love your blog!
    xx Donah
    (Do drop by if you have a chance ^^)

  2. Great sense of style 🙂 🙂

  3. wow the jewellery is stunning

  4. Your entry is so stylish and so “complete”…in few words and few images an entire world of personal style. I can’t take picture of my closets (I have 3), but everything is so confused. You are def one of my favorite! ❤

  5. Love to see another fashion lover who organizes her closet as I do!
    Makes pulling together a look so much easier.

  6. Absolutely smart and always glad to see that I’m not a black lover lone rider he he!


    Ok, I’m a liar blog


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