January Round-Up

Hello 2013! Goodbye January!

I feel like we were juuust focused on getting ready for New Years Eve & setting 2013 resolutions a few minutes ago {2012 Round-Up}, and now January has already come and gone!


Well, I suppose there’s no use fighting it so we might as well check in on my progress thus far…

Overall Goals For 2013:

  • Stay on top of social media – So far so good! Not only have I been diligent w/ updating the platforms that I’m already on, I’ve also fallen in love with Polyvore and LookMazing – I highly recommend that you check them both out.
  • Writing, Writing, Writing – I submitted three freelance journalism pieces during January so I’m thrilled that I started working on this goal immediately this year. I hope that the momentum continues!
  • Expansion & Growth – I’m also excited to announce that I’ll be heading to New York in a few days for IFBCon where I get to listen to fabulous speakers, wander the streets of New York, catch up with friends, and meet new people in the fashion blogging world. Stay tuned for updates from my trip.
  • Be Positive – There have been lots of changes in my life lately and I think that without my active attempts to deal with the new hurdles in a positive manner I would be in a very different place right now. Keep an eye out for a new Be Positive post in the next few weeks with some of my experiences and tips for remaining positive during trying times!


{Some stylish looks from January: Embellish Me, Leopard Print, New Years Eve, Ballerina, Texture Queen, Striped Leopard, Cold Blooded & Lazy Stripes}

New Goals For February:


While I love San Francisco, New York takes fashion to whole new level. I’m extremely excited for my trip and I hope to break out all of the fun new purchases that I’ve been amassing since the Thanksgiving sales sent me into a shopping tailspin. Brightly colored pieces, lots of prints, fun combinations, and mixing & matching. All at sub-zero temperatures.

Maybe they’ll add that to the Olympics next time around?


My goal for February food-wise is to eat as clean as possible. Between feeling amazing upon finishing The Whole 30 and knowing that I’ll be traveling a lot over the next month I want to feel my best during all the fun events in February. From family gatherings to photo shoots to traveling to fashion events.


Making the gym a regular part of my daily routine has been key this past year as far as increasing my strength and managing my back injury {and pain}. Unfortunately February will be a challenge since there’s so much traveling involved, which is hard on my back, so I have to work extra hard to fit physical therapy and core workouts into my days. Fingers crossed!


It’s extraordinarily sad, but I really think I need to add “stop snacking on gummy vitamins to my list of goals.” It’s getting WAY out of control over here. Maybe moving them off my desk so that they’re not so tempting while I’m on conference calls will help…


How’s your 2013 going so far? Are things going according to your plans? Have you accomplished everything that you had hoped to during January goal-wise?


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