Valentines Day Guide

Are you a lover of Valentine’s Day? I feel like enjoying Valentine’s Day is something of an art. Whether you have a significant other or are spending the day solo – There ARE things that you can enjoy about this “holiday.”

While I’ve had a boyfriend on a few Valentine’s Days over the years the most memorable one was actually a few months post-break up. I was with my Aunt and Uncle for a fun weekend of champagne, laughter, and too much chocolate – My uncle got me a giant heart filled with chocolates that was so big I couldn’t get my arms around it! To this day I keep a picture of my Aunt & I laughing so hard we’re nearly in tears from that night on my bedside table.


Was I miserable because I was single? No. Was I wallowing over my recent breakup? No. Was I wearing pink? Hell no! 🙂

If you’re one of those lucky people who can ignore or even forget that it’s Valentine’s Day than congratulations, you’re much more evolved than I am. So, whether you’re looking for the perfect gift to surprise your partner with, deciding on a date night outfit, or just looking for a way to get through this in one piece, here’s a great collection of links and some of my own fool-proof ways to have a good Valentine’s Day!

Valentines Day Guide

Tips for enjoying yourself:

Make it a group thing! Another incredibly memorable Valentine’s Day was spent with my friend Lauren, we got all dressed up & went out to dinner just the two of us. Not only did we have a great meal and exchange fun, girly gifts, we laughed ourselves breathless listening to the date at the table next to ours.


Suggestions For Solo Survival:

Pamper yourself – Spend a day giving yourself some much deserved attention & indulge yourself. Trust me, you’re worth it. 🙂 Head out for some shopping & get that killer pair of heels you’ve been eyeing. Get a fabulous mani/pedi or a soothing facial. Treat yourself to a relaxing massage to help reduce stress & tension.

Gift Ideas:

For me, the card is the most important part of a Valentine’s Day gift. I’ve gotten flowers, fancy dinners, and jewelry, but a sweet handwritten message in a card means more than any of the rest of that in my book.


Another time saver___begin with Oreo Cakesters_  Roll edges in sprinkles, put into a cute bag or box, DO

And if you’re a classicist and want to give your lady love – Or yourself – Some killer jewelry for Valentine’s Day than check out Sasha Maks Vintage and get 20% off through February 14th with the code LOVE2013. You can email her and set up a private showing or order fabulous, one-of-a-kind pieces online.

Dress It Up:

Whether you’re planning to make dinner in your PJs, get dolled up for a fancy night out, or you just like to celebrate holidays in style check out these fab posts to help you get a look that you’ll love.



What are YOUR plans for this Valentine’s Day? Are YOU going to get all dressed up?


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12 Responses to Valentines Day Guide

  1. 🙂 Valentine´s Day is a chilling day. Love to take a bath and just relax.

  2. hahaha.. 🙂 I’m not miserable either.. They said that there are two singles during valentines day, the miserable and the happy one. If you’re celebrating valentines being a sad single then it’s likely Happy Single Awareness Day, and if you’re happy then it is “Happy Single Independence day” 🙂 ♥ xoxo.. Love the post dear Caity. 🙂

  3. single can be fun too..but yeah i love valentines day..and I supposed to spend my valentine day at a hotel this year but my grandfather just pass away i am not sure if i have time for it….but i have already send the secret valentine gift to my man….honestly i think i am too used to couple life as in you have someone to accompany you to everywhere you wan to go…but if you can get a girlfriend that could hang out and accompany you I think that is perfect too!!!!!!!!!!! and valentines day is to celebrate love with everyone you love not limited to boyfie or husband!!!!!so happy valentines day babe!!!!! and if you want a valentine gift frm me you can always join my blog Vday giveaway… xoxo


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