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Last September’s IFB Conference was a spectacular experience – Amazing speakers, inspirational speeches, more information than I could absorb, and the chance to rub elbows with passionate men & women who love fashion just as much as I do. Within moments of the tickets going on sale for this February’s conference I had bought the two-day pass and booked a plane ticket.

Excited, who, me?

I was lucky enough to assist the IFB team with some of the behind-the-scenes activities that help make an amazing event like this come together. Talk about a learning experience! Not only did I get to spend some time with IFB founder & The Coveted blogger Jeannine and IFB editor & Shut Up I Love That Shirt blogger Taylor Davies, I also got the chance to spend two days getting to know the other volunteers and got the opportunity to meet some of the speakers, sponsors, and panelists.

In other words – I was in heaven.

Celebrity Sightings:

While to some “celebrity sightings” might be limited to the Beyonces and Julia Roberts of the world, for us fashion lovers celebrity sightings can include our favorite bloggers and industry insiders whose work we read, Instagrams we <3, and whose photos we view daily. During IFBCON not only did I have a number of wide-eyed moments of mind blanking “omgomgomg” excitement, I also got some handshakes, hugs, and sweet words from some of my idols & unofficial mentors.

Laura Ellner of OnTheRacks – I’m a HUGE fan of On The Racks! I followed Laura’s adventures in San Francisco and while I hated to see her leave the Bay Area, I was excited for her New York City dreams to come true when she moved to the Big Apple last year. Needless to say I was worried that I’d have a fan girl moment if I got a chance to meet her. Luckily I kept my excitement under wraps when I said hello & introduced myself {nerdy happy dance} and I have to say, she’s even more stylish and striking in person than she appears online.

Aimee Song of Song of Style – Not only is Aimee stylish & beautiful, she’s also incredibly sweet. Her affiliate marketing panel was interesting & informative and she was beyond nice as she waited to go on stage and while she hung around for pictures afterwards.


{There’s a reason they’re the best – Just look at them, utterly flawless!}

Justin Livingston of Scout 16 – While IFBCON was primarily filled with female fashion bloggers there were a few proud male fashion bloggers in the crowd and quite a few speakers & panelists of the male persuasion. One of the arrivals that I was greatly anticipating was the blogger known as Scout 16 – A New York staple who showed up in fabulous shoes, moderated his panel like a pro, and was really genuine & nice if you were lucky enough to meet him.

Liz Cherkasova of Late AfternoonStriking is the first word that comes to mind when I picture Liz’s entrance, she strode into the conference in head-to-toe brilliant pink. A shade that few mortal dare to wear, but was utter perfection on her. Her Evolution of the Industry panel may have been the last of the day but everyone was glued to their seats and hung on her every word.

Hilary Rushford of Dean Street Society – Not only do I adore her site {which I’m sad to say that I only recently discovered} but I was blown away by how inspirational & captivating she was on stage at IFBCON. And off the stage? Wow. Just wow. Beautiful & chic – Wearing the perfect little white dress with a fabulous statement necklace and a too-perfect-for-words fur shrug.

Lydia Hudgens & I SPY DIY – One of my favorite parts of the conference was the photography workshop put on by Lydia Hudgens – Photographer to some of NYC’s most popular fashion bloggers – And DIY master I Spy DIY. It was funny, easy to follow, and FILLED with great tips & ideas. I definitely have a girl crush on Miss Hudgens now! 🙂

There were SO many speakers & so much information being passed on that I’m sorry I couldn’t meet everyone and hear everything!

Volunteer Love:

I couldn’t have been happier to get a chance to get to know this group of smart, fun, talented ladies – From bloggers to photographers to fashion lovers this was a great group.


{Claire & Madison of Bare Bones: Fashion Is Dead}


{Sarah Haile of Sara Haile Photography}

{Francisca of Fancy-Francy}


{Karina of Beach & Dress}


{Destiny of Fate, Love & Destiny – Coming soon!}


{The lovely Sarah Mekhail – Blog to be launched sooooon}

And of course my partner-in-crime the lovely Brittany of The Subtle Statement who I met at IFBCON last September and spent this past week exploring New York with – From vegan restaurants in Chelsea to shopping in Soho to Barre classes in the Financial District. 🙂


{Brittany Shick of The Subtle Statement}

I can’t wait for September so that I can head back out to New York for the next conference! 🙂

My sincerest apologies for the quality of the phone pictures – There were tons of fabulous photographers there but clearly I was not one of them. If you want to see more pictures from the conference head over to my Facebook page for Day One & Day Two albums.


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28 Responses to {IFBCON} Celebrity Sightings & Industry Insight

  1. awesome post!

    Angela Donava

  2. Loving your pretty smile 🙂 xoxo KJ

  3. OMG what a fabulous experience you had, so jealous, and i love this post, the way you wrote it was entertaining and informative, love it!!!
    Angela x

  4. sarah

    it was such a pleasure working with u Caity…your energy and optimism speaks a multitude!! I can’t wait for u to come to NY!! or i might just have to see you on the West coast this summer…ohh i bought that skirt from zara that you have, i love love love it!! Keep it classy babes <3

    • First – Send/post pictures of the skirt! 🙂

      Second – I’ll let you know when I’m coming back to NYC but keep in mind San Francisco is already starting to warm up & you have a couch anytime you want to visit! 🙂

  5. Awesome post!! Such an amazing experience!! ^_^

    • It was lifechanging! 🙂 Can’t wait to go back in September! I feel like both the blogging & tech landscapes change so quickly that it’s really worth it to attend a conference like this twice a year.

  6. Aww thanks for the shout out! IFBcon really was a great experience, not only for what we learned but for all the amazing people we met, and you were definitely one of them. It was so great meeting you, and we hope we can again in the future! Best of luck to you and your awesome blog!


    m and c.

    • It was great meeting you guys – Stay in touch & hopefully we’ll be able to catch up again soon! P.S. Please let me know if you come to SF! 🙂

  7. Great that you had the opportunity to go there and meet so many inspiring people. Love Song of Style as well!

    • She’s the best – Meeting her made me fall in love w/ her site all over again! <3

  8. Loving it honey,great post!Have a great day!

  9. That blue really suits you!
    Your blog is great too, going back to check out past posts now!
    Would you like to follow each other on GFC or bloglovin’??



    • Thanks for stopping by Kendra – I’m glad you liked the post! I’ll check out your site right now!

  10. Oh my goodness you are just so sweet! Thank you so much for this incredibly gracious & heartfelt compliment! So glad to have met you in real life. with grace & gumption, Hilary


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