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My favorite trendy Fashion Blogger accessory? French bulldogs. My second favorite trendy accessory? Celine bags! My Precious Confessions’ Top 10 Fashion Blogger It-Bags.

Sometimes it just isn’t in the cards to try all of the new trends each season – They don’t suit you or you don’t have any interest or you’re saving up for something else. A great, and less expensive, way to mix things up each season is to pick up some fun new accessories that you can mix into your existing pieces – 12 New Accessory Trends We Can’t Wait To Try.

One of the dreamiest blogs with the most gorgeous, fantasy-inducing photography is Gary Pepper Vintage. Oh, and she has an amazing fashion sense – WhoWhatWear’s Nicole Warne of Gary Pepper Vintage.


If you’re sick of clumped necklaces and sorting through mismatched earrings it might be time to organize your jewelry collection. And I Spy DIY’s DIY Home: Jewelry Storage might be the answer.

One of the fun trends this Spring is Letterman and varsity jackets, not sure where to start? Check out The Sartorialist’s picks – If You’re Thinking About……. Baseball Jackets.

Health & Fitness:


One of the best ways to have a healthy week is to plan out your meals and do your grocery shopping in advance so that you have clean, healthy options available – Plan and prep: an hour of clean eats.

The crock pot is a very versatile kitchen appliance, check out this post on how to use your slow cooker for roasting – Hungry Hungry Hippie’s Roasting in the crock-pot.


Fresh pesto is a thing of beauty. And oil. Try this delicious, fresh recipe and get your pesto fix – Green Powerhouse Pesto Plate.

Managing your stress levels and keeping up with your busy life can be a challenge this day in age so being aware of how you feel and how things affect you is important. Check out Prevention’s How To Prevent Job Burn Out for some interesting tips & suggestions to keep you motivated.

If you’re like me, keeping track of you workouts and activities is a great way to stay inspired and keep your fitness routine interesting and effective. Fitocracy is a great new site that lets you not only track your workouts, but interact with and get inspired by others.


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16 Responses to Links You’ll Love

  1. Ira

    Amazing! I love it all:)

  2. Who does not like Celine bags 😉

  3. Amazing links! I have to check them all. Esp, those connected with fashion. 🙂

  4. Celine bags are a must!

  5. love your blog! following you now on Bloglovin, Visit me and if you like follow back so that we can stay connected!
    Much Love from Miami,

    • I’m so glad you’re enjoying MCLV – Thank you for stopping by. I’m looking forward to checking out your site!

  6. Thats a really great post! Celine bags are something I’ve hearetd since Phoebe Philo set them on the showrooms but unfortunately its a little too high priced for me 🙁

    Great post as always!!


    • You and me both! They’re so classic though that I’m waiting for them to show up on consignment-type sites (like Real Real) so I can pick one up for a less insane price. 🙂

  7. wow great post! The idea of putting necklaces and accessories in a frame is amazing. I’m going to try it. Ciao bella and thanks for sharing in the GIG link box

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