March Round-Up

2013 is just chugging along, virtually every time I catch sight of the date I’m shocked by how far into the year we’re getting. And while that might not be the best feeling, I’m also pretty darn thrilled with my progress this year and everything that I’ve made time for thus far.

Overall Goals For 2013:

  • Stay on top of social media – I’ve found that when I get busy this is the first thing to slip so I started making a list each morning with my social media/posting schedule in it – That keeps me on track & serves as a gentle reminder. Yet another reason I’m in love w/ my planner!
  • Writing, Writing, Writing – In addition to various freelance pieces I’ve written recently I’m also working on re-doing the website so I’ve been a busy girl on this front.
  • Expansion & Growth – I’ve been working with beta testers on my new style consulting business – Which will include styling, wardrobe consulting, and closet organization – And I’m thrilled with how well things have been progressing. {Check out the Advertising, Collaborations & Styling Services page above for more information.
  • Be Positive – While there are always setbacks I’m still working really hard to keep a positive mindset. Ignoring negative people and writing daily affirmations are lifesavers when things get stressful.


{Some fun looks from the Styling 101 series featuring gorgeous vintage jewelry from Sasha Maks Vintage: Top Left – Easter Fashion, Top Right: How To Wear Chambray, Bottom Left: Mixing Prints For Spring & Bottom Right: St. Patty’s Day Style}

March Goals:


Mission accomplished! My fashion goal for March was to get into the mood for Spring despite the chilly San Francisco weather we’re still experiencing. Between spending time in slightly warmer Sacramento and adding layers I was able to break out a number of the pieces I had earmarked for Spring – Check them out below.


{March Personal Style: Top Left – Animal Prints + Leather, Top Right – Rolled Jeans, Bottom Left: Spring Stripes & Bottom Right: Maxi Madness for Spring}

Food & Fitness:

I’m fairly pleased with my consistency in March when it came to working out and eating healthy – Getting into a routine and making my healthy habits stick was important. Unfortunately eating out has become commonplace during weekends in Sacramento so I try to stick with giant salads and drink lots of water while I’m out.

April Goals:


April will include a trip to Los Angeles and I’m looking forward to mixing things up on the sartorial front. I enjoy trying different styles when I travel – It’s fun to adapt your personal fashion to suit your surroundings and this trip will include some great warm weather pieces.

Food & Fitness:

As I said above, while my weekdays are settling into a healthy routine my weekends haven’t been nearly as consistent. My number one goal for April is to really focus on making healthier, smarter choices on weekends. If I’m going to be eating out I’ll be sure to grab a handful of almonds or baby carrots first so that I’m not starving when I sit down to order.

How was did the month of March go for you? Do you feel like you’ve started 2013 on the right foot so far?

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59 Responses to March Round-Up

  1. Holly

    Nice job kicking ass and taking names!

  2. Staying positive is my favorite part of this post. Because that´s important, I also try to remind myself to think positive thoughts when that´s required.

  3. LOVE LOVE THIS POST!!! I need a kick up my behind!!! Also can I just steal all your clothes and bags please? LOL

  4. March was a messy month for me….I’ll take your post to plan my April :D.
    baci bella

  5. Aintzane Zamora

    My March was a bit tiring month for me since I was pressured to really lose weight for summer. But glad that I’ve started my 2013 right. Love the “be positive” vibes. 🙂

  6. aminanda

    March was quite hectic for me, failed in my fitness and health program 🙁 Hopefully April will be better! Love your goal about social media and writing! I feel the same way esp. on the latter huhuhu

    • I read something that I really liked yesterday on the health/fitness side – Just take one step. Don’t worry about a routine or set yourself up for failure by making huge goals – Just do one thing. Then another.

      Doesn’t that take the pressure off? 🙂

  7. You have the cutest dresses and bags xx

  8. Gorgeous styles !

  9. Both the bags and dresses are so beautiful <3 #GIGLove xxx

  10. love the bags & the outfit pictures! well done on sticking to your goals, keep going 🙂
    Melina x
    New Spring Post!

  11. Love the bags! Glad that you have embarked on the journey to health, consistency is the key! Good luck!
    Living F.A.B.ulously on Purpose

  12. Love the bags and the outfit pics !!! xoxo

  13. have a safe trip and enjoy LA! more fashion post when you get there ok?

    • Of course! Pictures too – Be sure to follow me on Instagram for updates all day – Moicontrelavie 🙂

      • Won’t you be posting them here on your blog? I’m not on Instagram. Blame my stupid phone! 🙁

        • I’ll do a photo diary round-up after the conference so you’ll definitely get to see pictures, and I’ll do a brief write up for GIG. 🙂

          • yay. Thank you so much. You’re the best! 🙂 🙂
            I’m definitely looking forward to your post. Hope you have a lovely experience , so that you can come back and share the tips with us too! 🙂 Good luck hun! 🙂

  14. Well my March didn’t go too well, because of my exams. But I tried to cover as much as I could during the last week. Although my 2013 had a slow and bumpy start, but I’m trying my best to cover all those days I went MIA. I have a lot of plans coming up, and I hope I can ‘juggle’ them well! 🙂
    I love the fact that you’re so organized and you’re constantly trying to achieve your goals. Maybe it’s about time I should make my Editorial calender too. Do you have any suggestions for me, on how I can be a little more organized with my goals and plans? i know IFB has some great suggestions, but they’re too pro for me! [Sorry for such a long comment. But seems like, I had a lot to say. :D]

  15. Gorgeous outfits! Awesome style. x

    Fashion Landscape

  16. fancyfrancyfash

    I totally agree with all of your overall 2013 goals, good luck, I’m sure you will achieve them!!
    Francy @

  17. i really love your style! its very distinct!! 🙂

    maxine | <3

  18. Looks like you have an exciting month ahead for you! I’m glad you did so well with your March goals.

    I had a little bit of a setback in health and fitness for March, but I’m hoping to get back into the game this month!

  19. Wow, you have everything organized in hand! You look great ^ ^

  20. CAN I HAVE YOUR BAGS PLEASE!! Amazing dear!


  21. Those are great goals and I should take a page from your book. I really should start setting a proper schedule for my social media post and my writing. At the moment, I’m just being a bum! 🙂 Love your March outfits. Keep up the good work! 😀

  22. Fantastic post! I love your goals for 2013 and your outfits in March were awesome!!

    GIG member
    Style Without Limits

  23. Love this post! I should get my life more organized! My 2013 has been very lazy so far… time for a change! Gotta pick up my planner and fill it in with goals that would make life productive and better! Gorgeous outfits btw! Loving every single one of them! 😀

  24. awesome goals! Keep up the good work xx

  25. you look great as always hun, you’re such a classy beauty 🙂
    weel done with all the organisation, I’m have been trying to make healthier choices as well on weekends, is quite hard hahah 😀
    big hugs hun <3

  26. Aby

    Keep it up! i know you can finish your goals! 🙂

    – from gig

  27. I love that you set specific monthly goals; so inspiring. I also can NOT believe how far into 2013 we are already – so crazy!

  28. keep up the good work! x

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