Festival Fashion 2013: California Hippie Chic

Spring in California means one thing for concert lovers – Music festival season!

From Burning Man to Coachella there are plenty of events, concerts, and fun, festive gatherings to get you outside and enjoying the Spring weather.


While my day job keeps me in San Francisco and away from the festivities I always look forward to the music festival posts from my favorite bloggers who make the trip – I especially love the candid & group shots since they make you feel like you’re there! 🙂

So let’s get in the mood for this season’s festivals by checking out some of the fashion from years past and seeing how it can be applied to our current wardrobes. One of the best parts about vintage & retro inspired styles is that they’re so long-standing you can wear the same pieces season after season by mixing up accessories & injecting some on-trend styling.


{This maxi skirt look is one of my favorites from Liz over at Late Afternoon – She looks great with a crown of braids, midriff baring music tee, and a printed, flowy maxi skirt.}

Make dessert magic with a maxi length skirt or dress – From bold colors to breezy sheer fabrics to fun, eye-catching prints, there’s the perfect maxi out there for everyone.

Shopping Tip – If you’re on the petite side be sure to get your dress hemmed or shop a brand that carries petite sizes to avoid destroying the hem when it drags on the ground.


{Want to try out the midriff baring trend? Get inspired by Peace Love Shea’s simple cutoff tee here.}

There are midriff baring tops everywhere for Spring with styles running the gamut from retro bathing suit inspired silhouettes to simple DIY cut-offs that you could make from your favorite comfy old shirt in a few minutes.

Shopping Tip – If you’re curvy try a retro halter style, while ladies with more boyish figures could give the style worn by Peace Love Shea above a try. The key is to show off what you’ve got! 🙂


{If you’re a fan of vintage rock tees now’s the time to break them out!}

Is there anything more perfectly hippie-inspired than fringe? From over-the-shoulder bags draped with thick fringe that evoke images of the Old West to cut-off shirts and denim shorts that are beach or music festival ready.

Shopping Tip: If your personal style is more conservative or classic but you want to try out this trend then aim for a fun accessories. From bags, to necklaces, to moccasins, there’s something that will suit everyone’s style!

Get more inspiration over on Pinterest – Hippie Chic & Festival Fashion. You can also check out We Wore What’s Packing For Coachella or Refinery 29’s 7 Types Of Music-Festival Folks… As Illustrations.

What hippie-inspired trend would be your first choice to rock for a music festival this season?


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52 Responses to Festival Fashion 2013: California Hippie Chic

  1. Reading this post reminds me of the movie “Wanderlust” with Jennifer Aniston & Paul Rudd. For some reason ;). The hippie trend is a great one to sport on music festivals.

  2. I love cropped tops. I’ve been meaning to buy one since long. I’, definitely getting one for this summer. You can style them with anything, and still get the look you want. Although mine personal favourite is vintage, edgy and rock ‘n’ roll type-ish.. hehe.. 😉

  3. Love the Hippie Chic look!

  4. valeria hilmar

    Hi.I have been a big fan of your site. I love it. It gets better and inspiring everyday. Keep it going girl. Dont forget to do more posts on looks of week and sometimes you did looks of the month, where you included other bloggers or just inspiring styles. You made those posts so well…that I miss them. You are an inspiration. Good work.

    • Thanks for the sweet note & feedback Valeria! There’s a looks of the week post tomorrow!

  5. love coachella fashion! went last year and it was amazing! we will be seeing the bands we want to see when they come to San Diego for the week in between weekends.

    xoxo navy & orange

  6. Love these festivals outfits….mostly the one with the cowboy boots ^^


  7. Aintzane Zamora

    Great outfits. Love the aztec. 🙂

  8. nice post honey! of all these styles I have to go with the maxi length dress, is so comfy and easy to use without loosing style at the same time! : )

    great tips and pictures as always hun!

    Big hugs <3

  9. loving the jean shorts and hippie top looks – really perfect for Coachella ! x

  10. Love this post! I never attend Coachella, but like you I really enjoy seeing the fashion posts that crop up during that time of the year.

    I’m really diggin’ the fringe trend myself!

  11. California is sucha happening place for sure <3 I just wish to visit it someday <3 #GIGTag <3


  12. California is sucha happening place.. I just want to visit it sometime later in life <3 #GIGTag <3


  13. I used to date someone from CA and everytime I read or view a post about the place, my heart breaks a little 🙁 #gig

  14. I love the photos! They remind me of everything carefree and fun!

  15. Cute the styles. The girls are owning them, Living F.A.B.ulously on Purpose

  16. dangerousann

    Love the looks!

  17. ooohhh nice, i love fringes!

  18. What a great post!! I absolutely adore that maxi skirt!!!

    Style Without Limits

  19. Aby

    great tips dear! 🙂 there will be music festival here soon! i hope i can apply what i read here 🙂

    -from #Gig
    Btw, join my on going giveaway:
    Swirls and Scribbles X The Fashion Closet
    Swirls and Scribbles X Glitter Addiction
    Swirls and Scribbles X Firmoo

  20. Great post…Love the Hippie Chic look! xoxo Nat 🙂

  21. love the hippie trend!

  22. Ooh a photo of Chriselle! 🙂 I love her! hehehe I wish we had nice music festivals here in the Philippines too. I love the styles you have shown us above. 🙂

  23. omg!! to be so closed and yet so busy haha I would have loved to go this year but kiddies did not let me! loved the trends you posted! Im all about the bohemian-chic look!

  24. Oh you are so ready for Coachella! Now now now!! Love your look and the other possible ones!

  25. Beautiful festival looks!

  26. ❀ ✿❀ ✿❀ ✿❀ ✿❀ ✿❀ ✿❀ ✿❀ ✿❀ ✿

    I love all the hippie looks, co beautiful!!!

    Great post!

    ❀ ✿❀ ✿❀ ✿❀ ✿❀ ✿❀ ✿❀ ✿❀ ✿❀ ✿

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