Spring Cleaning Recommendations

When Spring starts to peek out its head my need to clean, reorganize, and purge become overwhelming. I want to redecorate and cut my hair and rethink my beauty routine and clean out my closets. Needless to say it’s a productive time of year in my household.



The first task that I tackle each Spring is rearranging and inventory my closet – Move your warm weather clothes so they’re more accessible, store your Winter pieces, and make a list of new pieces that you want to add for the season.

*Need more inspiration to get into your closet and start cleaning? Check out my Closet Porn Pinterest board for some seriously gorgeous closet shots that’ll motivate and inspire you!

Home & Office Decor:

My go-to reorganization tip for Spring is adding color or fun prints to a room – It’s amazing how much of a change a boldly colored pillow or bouquet of flowers or new piece of art can change the feel of a room!


*Not sure where to start? Check out my Belle Maison Pinterest board for home decor that’ll make you swoon!



Something that’s easy to forget is that your beauty products, skin care, and makeup all have expiration dates. Spring is a great time to go through your makeup bag and bathroom drawers and throw out old or never used bottles – Make room for something new!

*Check out my Beauty Must Haves board on Pinterest for some fun new products to try & new ways to organize your goodies

Are you a fan of Spring Cleaning? Tell me – What’s your #1 tip or go-to project each Spring?


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