{Five Facts} Learn About Moi!

My dear friend Brittany of The Subtle Statement tagged me in the oh-so-fun Five Facts post so today I’m going to share some things that you might not know about Moi. 🙂

[1.] I hate talking on the phone and prefer any other method of communication. Including snail mail.


{Pompeii, Italy}

[2.] I lived in Rome for six months studying Art History and spent the month before I started classes traveling around Europe with my best friend, and then spent a few weeks in the UK afterwards.

[3.] Photography and writing short stories are two of my favorite hobbies.



[4.] I’m a speed shopper. I’m serious. I can look through racks of clothes at warp speed and decide if I like something in seconds.

[5.] I would rather wear heels than flats. Not for sartorial reasons though, but because I trip more frequently in flats.

Happy Friday, hope you enjoyed this! What are your plans for the weekends?


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