Swimsuit Season: Find The Perfect Swimsuit

One of my personal goals for June was to get myself toned & ready for bathing suit weather – You can check out my first post on this topic for tips & recommendations on getting fit – Swimsuit Season: How To Get Bikini Ready.

Step two in the journey towards enjoying swimsuit season is finding the perfect suit for your body type. I for one don’t fit into any of the convenient body type categories magazines use and finding the right bikini is definitely an exercise in trial and error. Check out the three great new suits that I picked out for 2013 at the bottom! <3


Check out these previous posts from MCLV on finding the right suit for your body & some of my favorite suits from seasons past – Bathing Suit Season… Le Sigh and Bathing Suit Season.



{Pictures from Swimsuit Season Pinterest board}

As for me, my new bathing suit purchases this year include this fierce TopShop Bandeau Suit, a too cute Forever 21 Zebra Bikini, and to fulfill my love of one-piece retro inspired swimsuits I picked up this fabulous Marc by Marc Jacobs Maillot Swimsuit.

Need more bikini porn? Check out my Swimsuit Season Pinterest board for all the inspiration you can handle!

What’s your favorite style swimsuit for this year?


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11 Responses to Swimsuit Season: Find The Perfect Swimsuit

  1. Great posts with great tips I hope you don’t mind I’m going use your post as reference on my next post so people looking for bathing suit ideas can read this 🙂

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • I’m honored Leslie! 🙂 I’m thrilled you enjoyed it. Be sure to send me a link when your post is up!

      • I just posted it its called my summer wish list, I loved the bathing suits you posted here they look really cute 🙂

  2. Such great tips. I always dread swimsuit shopping but this actually got me excited for it!

    xx Cara

  3. great tips and links! Love that Marc Jacobs suit at the beginning! ♥

  4. I’m definitely digging vintage swimsuits this year. Ever since I saw them first, I fell in love instantly. And even high waisted bikini bottoms although I don’t wear 2 piece suits. Hehe someday definitely when I tone my body a bit more. But till then, it’s one piece swimsuits for me. The bandeau ones are equally interesting! xx 🙂

  5. Becky

    I am always looking for a tankini (blah) to hide my tiger stripes (s.m). Any cute ones? Or other ideas? I have a two piece and put a rash guard over it. Also, big chested with F. Thought I would ask since the post is bathing suits!

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