My Week Via Instagram

Happy Saturday my friends! Today I’d like to share some good old fashion Instagram photos from the last week so that you can get a little peek into my daily life – Enjoy!



{I love animal prints and I cannot lie – See more in my Casual Fashion post from last week}


{Short suits for Summer w/ Beth Animal Print}


{Gorgeous vintage baubles from Sasha Maks Vintage – You can see the whole look in the Styling 101: Heavy Metal post}



{My favorite new smoothie ingredient is mint – So refreshing! Check out some of my other favorite smoothie recipes here}


{Vegan, Gluten-Free Baking – Mini Protein Cake & Peanut Butter Coconut Cookies}


{Salad beast from the Plant Café in San Francisco – Kale, quinoa & beets for the win.}



{Working hard at my Swimsuit Shape-Up challenge so that I can get bikini ready for Summer!}


{CrossFit Competitions = Sweaty shirtless boys. Any questions?}


{Fittest of the Sierras in South Lake Tahoe – I support my team in Prabal Gurung for Target – What about you?}

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12 Responses to My Week Via Instagram

  1. lovely week u have there!!!!

  2. Your smoothie looks delish 🙂

    • I highly recommend giving the ginger & mint combo a try – Perfect for a hot Summer day! <3

  3. Fantastic insta pics!! love them!!!

  4. You are such cutie! I’m super curious about the mint smoothie, looking foward to try it : )

  5. I totally love em!!!

  6. I totally love em!

  7. That green smoothie looks really good right now. I wish I loved near you so that I could stop by and request one!

    Xoxo, BA

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