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Let’s start this week’s Links You’ll Love round-up with a MUST READ on health from Mind Body Health – 10 Things I Wish Every American Knew About Health.

Fashion & Beauty:

Going shopping can be stressful, from not knowing which pieces you should buy to not being sure whether something works for your look. These tips from Tres Charmant are bound to help – How To Shop Like A Stylist.


A classic white button-down should be a staple in any man or woman’s closet. Not sure just how to make it work for you? How To Style: The White Oxford.

I adore chic retro inspired headscarves but I was never quite sure how to tie them. This my friends is the perfect tutorial courtesy of WhoWhatWear – Five Easy Steps To Tie A Head Scarf: A Beginner’s Guide.

A great way to update your look for any given season is to try adding in some fun, on-trend accessories. Male or female, sunglasses are a great way to give you look a bit of polish. Check out Attire Club’s A Guide To Sunglasses for some tips & suggestions for this Summer.

Center Stage / Center Stage

Center Stage is one of my favorite dancing movies and I still have the DVD that my boyfriend got me my freshman year at Berkeley. So given my love of this flick, you can only imagine how excited I got when I saw Into The Gloss’s make-up feature on the movie’s lead ballerina – Amanda Schull in Center Stage.

Health & Fitness:

One of my favorite gluten-free flour alternatives when I bake is almond meal – You can grind your own or get pre-ground bags from Trader Joes. Here are some Must Try desserts featuring almond meal from one of my favorite food bloggers – Almond Flour Dessert Recipes.


While we’re on the subject of one of my favorite ingredients – Cauliflower – I stumbled upon this delicious but light cauliflower dish recently and just HAD to share it with you all – BBQ Cauliflower Salad.

Continuing on with the gluten-free treats, cauliflower is a great ingredient for creating some of your favorite indulgences. Try FitSugar’s Low-Carb Cauliflower Crust Pizza.

One potential side effect of switching to a healthy diet is eating the same things each day. Not only can you run the risk of not getting all the nutrients that you need, you may get bored. FitnessRX is here to save the day though – No More Food Rut: Switch-Ups To Reinvigorate Your Nutrition.


I’ve been enjoying all of the fun Superman-related reading out there since the movie came out but I have to say that Lift Love Life’s Training Like My Own Soldier of Steel workout is one of my favorites!


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