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I’ve always loved reading about the health & fitness routines of the models, celebrities, and bloggers – I mean, be honest, how could this Instagram from Izabel Goulart NOT motivate you?

Below are a few of my tried & true personal tips that I’ll be applying in order to get back into shape this September & October after being out of the gym for over six weeks – I’m really looking forward to getting back into a healthy routine and regaining my strength.


  1. Walking – From the benefits of low-intensity fasted cardio to getting some much-needed down time, I can’t recommend adding some walking to your daily routine. Make it a way of life!
  2. Weights – Weight training is important for keeping your bones strong and for building lean muscles. Medicine balls & kettlebells are two of my favorites when I’m programming my workouts.
  3. Core – Since I’m recovering from a back injury core is extraordinarily important for me so I’ll be doing abdominal strengthening exercises at the gym as well as taking yoga and/or pilates classes for additional help in this area.
  4. FUN – I love working out and I love how I feel during and after a great sweat session. But in order to stay on track and keep things interesting I’ll be adding some fun classes & new types of workouts to my routine. Martial arts, boxing, and barre are definitely on my radar for this Fall and I can’t wait to give them a try.
  5. Clean Eating – My diet varies depending on my body’s needs but what I try to make a constant is consuming as many organic, whole foods as possible. No packages or processed foods, just clean ingredients and quality time in the kitchen.

Curious how the pros stay in shape? Here’s a round-up of some of the great articles that I’ve read on model and blogger fitness lately – I love to get news tips and try new recipes, and these are filled with helpful tidbits.


Los Angeles fashion blogger Peace Love Shea is a blonde bombshell known for being bikini ready year-around so check out her workout suggestions in her post Work It Out.

Hollywood trainer Key Son is known for shaping the bodies of A-listers around the world as well as getting some of the world’s top models runway ready. Check out the 10-step workout he shared with Into The Gloss and you’ll be glad that you did – Key Son’s Model Workout.

Southern California-based fitness duo Tone It Up joined forces with fashion blogger Chriselle Lim to share some fun fitness tips & healthy living recommendations. Check out these videos and prepare to be motivated – Fashion Meets Fitness with Tone It Up.

What’s your top fitness tip for staying in shape?


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