Blogger Confessions {IV}

Ask and you shall receive!

After receiving emails, tweets & comments recently asking me to share more about myself I’m bringing back my Blogger Confessions series, so get ready for some funny facts & confessions about this girl!


{Some of my favorite San Francisco fashion ladies at FashionElles in August. Natasha from Urban Darling, Sasha from Style Worm, Kate from Undeniable Style, Carlina of Allergic To Vanilla, Sasha from Sasha Maks Vintage, Moi hiding in the back, Vanessa of Shopping, Saving & Sequins, and Thy the owner of FashionElles}

  • I ADORE getting snail mail. Doesn’t matter if it’s my latest Asos order or a letter from my grandma, snail mail rocks.
  • Surprising thing I don’t like? New shoes. Especially flats. Flats are excruciating to break in.
  • Prior to living with my brother a few years ago I couldn’t tolerate anything spicy. Mild salsa made me sweat. Now I love food with a kick and regularly nosh on whole roasted jalapeno at my favorite restaurant.
  • When it rains my mood immediately lifts. I love nothing more than being cosy inside with a book and a cup of tea when there’s rain pouring down outside my window. I clearly live in the right city!
  • I like leftovers. Usually more than the original meal.


{My new flamingo dress – Similar style here}

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22 Responses to Blogger Confessions {IV}

  1. Luv it!!! Thanks for sharing those secrets, I feel like I know you a bunch more <3

  2. I also love leftovers, Caity! I know it’s weird, but I always make sure to save part of a meal for later because I know I’ll want to reheat it. LOL

    I want to let you know I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award! You can read more about your nomination on the post where I nominated you. 🙂

  3. Your hatred for new shoes cracks me up! These confessions are fantastic!


  4. I love spicy foods, especially when I am coming down with a cold. Seems to make me feel better very quickly.

    xo Donald

  5. really nice blog, love the dress facebook/bloglovin
    shall we follow?
    groeten uit Holland, check onze nieuwe post

  6. I love this! Oh, you’re so right about flats! We’re definitely on the same boat with that. haha. I used to dislike anything spicy before and then out of nowhere after giving birth, I just can’t help but eat something spicy or use hot sauce whenever I can haha.

    • Haha. We’ll go get delicious spicy food when I’m in New York! 🙂

  7. a) totally agree on the snail mail b) the spicier the better and c) I absolutely LOVE this! I was smiling the whole time!

    xx Cara

    • I’m so glad you liked it – I’m excited for my next confessions post, everyone is being so sweet! 🙂

  8. Hi, you’ve got a really nice blog there. Love it.

    I also have a blog at about fashion illustration, I’d love if you could check out and see if you like it or not.

    Have a lovely time!

  9. Epp

    haha somehow these facts were hilarious! I also hate new shoes, they are so painful 😀


  10. I totally can relate with rain and being cosy under the blanket =D

  11. Laurlo

    FLAMINGO DRESS!!!!!! hahahahha. Negative connotations aside, I love it.

    • Whenever I read/say/think the word “flamingo” I think of you! <3

  12. I’ve totally been missing these posts from you. I definitely don’t chat to you enough 🙂 xx

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