Kamryn Dame Interview

I was thrilled with all of the amazing feedback to my post on Kamryn Dame a few weeks ago and thought that the logical step would be to interview the stunning founder & designer about her new line so you guys can get to know both her and this amazing brand a little better.
[1.] When did you first get involved in designing? What was the first step for you?

I began making jewelry about 5 years ago completely by accident. I had always had a love of jewelry and began collecting (hoarding) a decent amount of vintage pieces.  My girlfriend had shown me this really beautiful necklace that she wanted – it was the whole messy tangled statement thing a la Tom Binns.  I basically began experimenting with some pliers and took the old necklaces apart to recreate a new piece. From there, I started playing around with new designs and ideas. That’s where my love of creating jewelry really took off.

[2.] When did Kamryn Dame first start? 

I launched a capsule collection about 3 years ago, which was sold in a handful of stores in my market. I’d taken a small hiatus after that.  And, within the last 8 months, I re-branded, and worked on developing a whole new collection, which is what Kamryn Dame is today!


{BraceletsLeopard ClutchMint Clutch}

[3.] What’s your inspiration for this first collection? How did the designing process start?

I almost called this collection, “Sticks & Stones” because that’s what some of the designs actually look like! Inspiration really comes from so many sources for me – from elements in nature, to something I might dream up in my head, to what I see on runways. Some of the design process was very hands on – playing with pyrite stones and creating different pieces. And, then there were some pieces I spent a bit of time sketching first.

[4.] What are your dreams for Kamryn Dame?

My goal is to get the line out there into the right hands of ladies who embody what Kamryn Dame represents! I’d love to have the line carried in boutiques around the country and to continue creating new collections.

[5.] Where do you see Kamryn Dame in five years? Ten years?

I hope that in 5-10 years Kamryn Dame will be a well-recognized name in the Fashion Industry.  I’d also love to expand my brand into other areas of design, such as interior design/textiles.


A big thank you for taking the time to talk with me and I for one cannot wait to check out the Kamryn Dame home goods when they arrive on the scene!


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