Workwear: Menswear Staples

After last week’s post on the workwear and the business casual staples that every professional woman should have in their wardrobe I wanted to focus a post on the mens equivalent. Below are my suggestions on what pieces to ensure you have in your closet so that you can put together stylish, professional looks for the office and some tips for how to help develop your personal style.

Menswear Staples:



When it comes to menswear at the office my number one pet peeve is gentlemen wearing khakis in lieu of slacks. There are tan slacks, but khakis aren’t slacks. They should be reserved for picnics and casual Fridays.

Recommendations: Classic black, blue, grey & brown are all versatile, timeless choices


A classic suit is a wardrobe staple, even if your office is business casual you’ll need one for meetings, travel, or an event at some point. My number one tip for getting the perfect suit is befriending your local tailor. Fit. Is. Everything.

Recommendations: Try a conservative cut in black, navy, or charcoal. Already have a classic suit? Try pinstripes!


A quality blazer is a must, you’ll use for everything from your walk to the office to after-work-cocktails to boys night out.

Recommendations: A classic cut black version is the way to go for your first blazer!


Finding a button down shirt that fits your shoulders and torso can take some time, but once you find your brand & style you should become a loyal buyer.

Recommendations: Stripes, plaids, checkers, and solids are all excellent choices depending on your coloring and the severity of your company’s dress code.

Shoes & Belt

When it comes to gentlemen’s accessories I usually fall into the camp of recommending that you pick up both black & brown versions of a nice belt and quality dress shoes. Brown looks great with black or navy, and black will go with everything. Variety is the spice of life after all.

Recommendations: Black & Brown



As I said last week, my top workwear tips are to: (1) Get a steamer, quality iron, or send your clothes out, and (2) Find a tailor you like. Cut and fit can make a look.

Don’t get discouraged or feel like you need to resign yourself to black or navy basics. You can easily have fun with your accessories – From printed ties & socks to eye-catching, personalized extras like suspenders, tie clips, pocket squares & cuff links.

Sometimes simpler is better. When it comes to double-breasted & pleated pieces you need to be careful because not all styles will suit all body types.

{Pictures from Menswear Must Haves Pinterest}

What are your office staples?


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