October Round-Up

October was one of my favorite months this year – A pretty bold declaration considering we still have two holiday & fun-filled months left in 2013. Not only did I have some serious weekend fun this month, I also had the great honor of teaming up with Banana Republic Factory, and the opportunity to attend two fabulous blogger conferences in San Francisco and New York.


{Banana Republic Factory Store x Monogram Mag}

Overall Goals For 2013:

  • Social Media – I’ve always made a conscious effort to provide unique content & singular updates for each social media platform {Where To Find What} and during October I made sure to make multiple updates to Facebook, Twitter,  Instagram & Pinterest on a daily basis.
  • Writing, Writing, Writing – I felt incredibly inspired during October and started writing a new novel, a coming of age story filled with funny stories, lessons I’ve learned, and some satire of modern times.
  • Expansion & Growth – Between the blog overhaul in July, launching the MCLV Style Insiders Newsletters in August, and working with great new brands in September & October, I almost have trouble deciding what to do next. Almost. 🙂
  • Be Positive – I said it last month, and I’ll say it again this month. Attitude is EVERYTHING. I would be a weepy puddle of a girl right now if I let my emotions or whims rule the day. Instead I’ve been strong, I’ve been determined, and I’ve been, above all else, positive. Try it. It’ll change everything.

October Round-Up:


San Francisco’s brief & celebrated Indian Summer swiftly came to an end in October and its been all about layering and cold-weather accessories. Since I moved to the Bay Area in college I’ve begun amassing quite a collection of scarves, hats, gloves, and ear muffs. All of which make me exceptionally happy.


{MCLV Style: Leopard Print}

Food & Fitness:

Part of my overall happiness and contentment with life these days in due to the fact that this girl has finally gotten back to the gym. Fine, that’s probably a big part of it. After a never ending three-month hiatus I finally headed back to the gym to start my post-surgery physical therapy at the beginning of October.

In addition to maintaining consistent physical therapy, stretching, and core strengthening routines this month, I’ve also really focused on my nutrition. In order to help regain the muscle I’ve lost since my back injury I’ve maintained a high protein diet. I discussed the options with my doctor and did a great deal of research, reading, and self-testing, but I’ve finally landed on a diet that’s easy to maintain, filled with nutrients, and gives me a great deal of energy.

New November Goals:


I’ll be rolling out some fun new collaborations this month – The first is a sparkly dream, sneak peek below, and the second will merge my love of fashion and fitness for a new fitness series with Lorna Jane. Stay tuned & follow all my social media channels do you don’t miss a thing!

{Facebook, TwitterInstagram & Pinterest}

Food & Fitness:

Since I’ve been successfully maintaining a fitness routine for the past four weeks, this month I’ll be supplementing that routine with some fun classes to keep things interesting. Pilates, yoga, and martial arts are at the very top of my list and I can’t wait to get started. Be prepared for awkward gym selfies featuring me with a giant grin.

And please share yours!


{Sneak Peek of a VERY special upcoming project!}

October Bucket List Review:

  1. Done! I spent a blissful four days in New York City this month with my favorite fashion partner-in-crime Miss Brittany Shick and some of my other fashionable favorites. Amazing trip!
  2. Not only did I try out at least a dozen pumpkin recipes, I’m not even slightly sick of this flavor and will be continuing my pumpkin-fueled baking Odyssey in November. If California runs out of canned pumpkin you know who to blame!

November Bucket List:

  1. Start decorating my new apartment – I’ve decided to get rid of everything and start over so November & December will be all about finding great new pieces and nesting.
  2. Make my own Thanksgiving! Due to my work schedule I don’t have time to travel for Thanksgiving so I’m going to celebrate at home with my San Francisco family.

What do YOU look forward to most when November rolls around each year?


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