Things I Love: Travel Edition

With traveling and weekend trips being a predominant part of the last month I thought I’d make a special edition of Things I Love Saturday. Today I’m sharing a few of my Can’t-Live-Without-Them travel necessities. From beauty must haves to the little things that just make a trip run smoother.


While I’ve been a long time devotee of argan oil and coconut oil, I’ve recently been introduced to another worth-its-weight-in-gold oil. Macadamia nut oil! I immediately went through the two samples I received via BirchBox and splurged on the full-sized version without a second thought.

Luckily I saved the sample bottles so I can refill them for traveling. That’s about as DIY as thing get over here at MCLV Headquarters!


Mini Emergency Kit:

This ingenious little kit includes EVERYTHING you could need in a crisis situation. From a needle & thread and safety pins to deodorant and cleaning wipes. I have about half a dozen of these kits right now and they’re spread out everywhere I could need them – My photo shoot bag, my desk, my purse, my carry-on…

Travel Tip: Invest in one for wedding season. I went through several during last year’s matrimonial gauntlet.Mini-Emergency-Kity

First Aid Kit:

This may sound silly, but I always keep a little first aid kit in my toiletry bag. Get the basic version from Walgreens or Duane Reade and bulk it up with a few little extras. Mine as the obligatory band aids and Neosporin, along with arch supports {if aching feet don’t require first aid then I don’t know what does}, a set of Aerosoles that’ll fit in any heels, Advil, Shout Wipe-And-Go’s, Altoids etc.

What’s always in YOUR suitcase?


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10 Responses to Things I Love: Travel Edition

  1. I am also a coconut oil devotee! That being said, I am a total macadamia nut oil virgin. If the oil is anywhere near as good as the nut, it must worth it! Great idea to save the sample bottles to ensure safe and easy travel. xoxo, BA

  2. These are such great travel tips and you’re so right about the first aid kit. There have been so many times when I have a horrible headache or get blisters on my feet from heels and wish I had bandaids or aspirin. 🙂

    Great post!

  3. YES on the emergency kit! At my wedding in May we called it the “oh shit kit,” and it definitely came in handy when we needed to pin dresses to strapless bras (safety pins!).

    When I travel I like sample-sized bottles of Aveda facial lotions, q-tips, lip balm, and ponytail holders.

  4. Argan Oil is what saved my skin & hair from over-drying and breakouts.
    I also recently purchased a bottle of macadamia oil, so I am curious to test it on my body soon 🙂

  5. Ari

    Oh, I’d love to have a few of those Mini emergency kits! Such a good idea 🙂

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