Things I Love: Travel Edition

With traveling and weekend trips being a predominant part of the last month I thought I’d make a special edition of Things I Love Saturday. Today I’m sharing a few of my Can’t-Live-Without-Them travel necessities. From beauty must haves to the little things that just make a trip run smoother.


While I’ve been a long time devotee of argan oil and coconut oil, I’ve recently been introduced to another worth-its-weight-in-gold oil. Macadamia nut oil! I immediately went through the two samples I received via BirchBox and splurged on the full-sized version without a second thought.

Luckily I saved the sample bottles so I can refill them for traveling. That’s about as DIY as thing get over here at MCLV Headquarters!


Mini Emergency Kit:

This ingenious little kit includes EVERYTHING you could need in a crisis situation. From a needle & thread and safety pins to deodorant and cleaning wipes. I have about half a dozen of these kits right now and they’re spread out everywhere I could need them – My photo shoot bag, my desk, my purse, my carry-on…

Travel Tip: Invest in one for wedding season. I went through several during last year’s matrimonial gauntlet.Mini-Emergency-Kity

First Aid Kit:

This may sound silly, but I always keep a little first aid kit in my toiletry bag. Get the basic version from Walgreens or Duane Reade and bulk it up with a few little extras. Mine as the obligatory band aids and Neosporin, along with arch supports {if aching feet don’t require first aid then I don’t know what does}, a set of Aerosoles that’ll fit in any heels, Advil, Shout Wipe-And-Go’s, Altoids etc.

What’s always in YOUR suitcase?


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