Healthy Thanksgiving: Vegan, Paleo, Gluten-Free Recipes

Staying healthy this time of year can be a challenge, but who wants to head into New Years with 10 extra pounds of padding? So with that goal in mind I wanted to collect some delicious but slightly more guilt-free recipes to share with you all as we start preparing for Thanksgiving.

These tasty treats run the gamut from vegan to gluten-free to paleo so be sure to check out these Healthy Thanksgiving Recipes if you or your guests/hosts have food allergies.

Appetizers & Starters:








Need some more ideas? Check out these vegan recipe round-ups: Thanksgiving Dinner Inspiration from Carrie On Vegan, 40+ Vegan Thanksgiving Dinner Menu Ideas from Herbivore Triathlete, and 15 Ridiculously Delicious Vegetarian Thanksgiving Recipes from Laura Beck.

What’s YOUR favorite Thanksgiving dish?

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7 Responses to Healthy Thanksgiving: Vegan, Paleo, Gluten-Free Recipes

  1. Okay, I am officially starving after reading this drool-inducing post! I am particularly excited about trying out the Sweet Potato Biscuits from Bubble Girl Bakes. Thank you for sharing! xoxo, BA

  2. Now I look forward to celebrating thanksgiving on Saturday even more! The turkey, the gravy and mashed potatoes are my favorites! The stuffing too.

  3. pumpkin cinnamon rolls sound yummy!

  4. ohh! Those recipes and photos looks so yummy! I wanna try ’em all! <3

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