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As amazing as life can be, there will always be setbacks. So let’s begin this week’s Links You’ll Love post with some positivity and a reminder that sometimes its how you and the people around you handle those setbacks that really set the tone for a situation. Loved reading Garance Dore’s thought on this – Self Service.

“Some women dress for men. Others dress for women. Me? I dress for the gays.”

Fashion & Beauty:


Want to take advantage of Cyber Monday deals & steals? Harper’s Bazaar has your back – Cyber Monday: Best in Code.

Want a peek into the French je ne sais quoi? Check out Refinery’s How To Look Like A French Girl for some fun ideas.

Once your skin care and make-up collection reaches a certain point it’s time to flex your organizational muscles and give things a thorough sorting. Check out Who What Wear’s tips – Smart and Chic Tips For Organizing Your Makeup.


Are you a fan of chic, classic black? Read this great piece from Procer – How To Be Inspired By Black.

In our fabulous techie world you never have to be at a loss for what to wear – 5 Apps For Getting Dressed with No Stress.

Food & Fitness:

The more research I read about sitting and the benefits of standing desks, the more I appreciate that I’m lucky enough to have a standing desk at my office. If you’re interested in learning more read Empowered Sustenance’s The Easiest Way to Revolutionize Your Workday for an at home DIY standing desk.

Mod City Mag did a spotlight on of my favorite exercises recently, the healthy & versatile lunge. Read their post – Take the Lunge.


Changing my beauty routine to utilize eco-friendly, natural, organic products has been a priority of mine over the last few years {Green Beauty} and it’s reading interesting pieces like this one that reminds me why I want to make this change, for my health and for the environment – Toxic Timeout: Phenoxyethanol.

After a few days of indulging with family and friends it’s time to start thinking about health and fitness again. Get back on track with these Thanksgiving Detox Tips.


Don’t let the hectic holiday season get in the way of your healthy lifestyle. Making just a few minutes to get your blood pumping will keep you healthier all season – The Quick Workout That Will Boost Your Fat Burn.


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