Gift Giving Guide With Tiffany & Co.

After sharing the beautiful Atlas Collection from Tiffany & Co. with you a few weeks ago – Holiday Fashion With Tiffany & Co. – I wanted to do a second post to share my own personal Tiffany story.


As the oldest child I was the guinea pig for a handful of “firsts” in the family. I was the practice baby for my dad’s favorite playtime activity of how-high-can-you-throw-the-kid-in-the-air. If you look at pictures I’m tucked into an aerodynamic baby ball making sure I get as much air as possible. A vastly different response than the uncontrollable screaming of my little brother.


One of my favorite family traditions to be a part of? Tiffany & Co. jewelry! Growing up all the major accomplishments were marked with treasures from Tiffany & Co. On my eighteenth birthday I received an engraved silver charm bracelet which I still have and still wear.  Graduations, birthdays, holidays… All these fun achievements and milestones are celebrated with beautiful pieces handpicked with love from Tiffany & Co.


And it’s a tradition that I’ve been more than happy to carry on. My cousins received silver earrings for their 21st birthdays. Mother’s Day was marked with delicate pendants for all the mother figures in my life – My mom, my aunt & my grandmother. My sister-in-law officially joined our family when she received her initiation necklace. And over the years my girlfriends have received more baubles than I can count to celebrate holidays, birthdays, engagements, and the like.


As I’m sure you’ve figured out, one of my favorite parts of the holiday season is spoiling the ones I love. I adore picking out gifts, choosing fun paper, ribbons & bows, and most of all I love watching someone’s face when they open their presents.

And after getting a chance to wear these gorgeous, classic pieces from the Atlas Collection I’m reminded just how perfect a gift from Tiffany & Co. is – There’s something for everyone no matter the occasion.

My Gift Giving Guide includes a timeless money clip, tie or cuff links for the stylish man in your life, a chic printed scarf for your BFF in Tiffany blue, a sweet pendant to remind your mom just how much you love her, and all sorts of other goodies for the people who make you smile – Sunglasseschange banksbooks, and more! So go forth and spoil your friends and family!

Do YOU have a first jewelry memory? What’s YOUR favorite jewelry brand?


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