Project Runway: IIMUAHII Couture Interview

How many people can say that they’ve been on a successful reality television show? How many people can say that they’ve designed a collection and watched it slink down the glimmering runway of New York Fashion Week? How many people can say that they’ve collaborated with an international pop group?

Elena Slivniyak can!


{Momoiro Clover Z (“MCZ”) Gunn Collaboration}

This Project Runway alum and creator of IIMUAHII Couture has left reality TV & her first Ready-To-Wear collection behind to focus on her passions – Couture & Avant-Garde designing and costuming.

Since she left the set of Project Runway Allstars this past Summer she’s gone from one major project to the next. And luckily all of that hard work is going to pay off as she works on the costuming for an amazing new film project.

But don’t worry, you can see her designs in motion before that blockbuster hits theater in the Momoiro Clover Z Gounn collaboration – Check out the music video here.


I walked into the IIMUAII studio armed with pages of research, interview questions, and more than a few butterflies.

However, the soft-spoken, laid-back beauty that greeted me was so straight forward and easy to talk with all my careful planning immediately flew out of my head.

Don’t worry though, even if I didn’t ask a single question that I’d prepared, I did learn some interesting things about Elena & IIMUAHII during our long chat.

  1. Elena draws a great deal of inspiration from the Far East and cites Japan and traditional samurai costuming as something that always fires up her imagination. Another source of inspiration for this creative force? Science Fiction!
  2. IIMUAHII is a friend to both the planet and animals. The studio produces eco-friendly, low-carbon pieces, and not only are they partnering with the animal safety non-profit Big Dawgs Rescue right now, they also only use faux fur for their collections.
  3. And of course no designer interview would be complete without asking who their dream customer would be. And for a woman who has already dressed celebrities like Tyra Banks & Kelly Roland and singing sensation Lady Gaga, that’s not an easy question to answer! So who is Elena’s dream customer? Madonna!
So what am I most excited about when it comes to IIMUAHII’s bright future? I’m dying to try out the Koji Multi-Purpose Handbag as soon as possible. Seeing the pictures from the photo shoot and the prototype in the studio has only whet my appetite for the real thing!
What question would you ask your favorite Project Runway designer?


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