Fitness Friday: Inspiration

Welcome to the new three-part Fitness Friday series – Today I’d like to talk about inspiration and motivation. Whether you’re starting a new fitness regime or setting different goals to push yourself, or just trying to keep up your momentum, getting inspired and staying motivated are vital to achieving success.

Raise your hand if you’ve gotten excited about a new fitness routine, gone all out for a few days or even weeks, and then completely lost interest? We all have! But the key to being your healthiest self is sustaining an active lifestyle.

Life can definitely get in the way of trips to the gym – From getting sick to last-minute meetings – You can’t always control your schedule, especially this time of the year. But you do have to make yourself, and your health, a priority.

Below are some of my tried & true tips for keeping myself motivated and on-track.


{Pants, top & vest courtesy of Lorna Jane // Shoes from Brooks}

Know What You Want:

If you don’t have a goal in mind, how do you know when you’ve reached it?

Setting concrete goals not only gives you something to aim for, it also allows you to set smaller goals to reach on the path to success. Want to lose weight? Want a lower body fat percentage? Pick a number! Want to run a race or enter a competition? Sign up! Just want to get healthier? Set a goal like running a mile or doing 3 strict pull-ups or doing 10 consecutive push-ups.

Whatever you’d like to achieve, there’s a tangible way to mark that achievement.


Set A Benchmark:

Pick a mid-point in the journey towards your ultimate goal – Something that you can accomplish that will get you closer to achieving your goal. If your goal is to run a half marathon then you could pick a 6 mile run as your benchmark. If you’re looking at losing weight or decreasing bodyweight then pick a number between your current number and the number you’re trying to reach.

Why does this help?

When there’s a few months between you and your goal you can lose momentum, you can get distracted, you can forget why you set the goal at all. When you reach that benchmark you get amped up and re-inspired to keep going.


Reward Yourself:

So what do you get for reaching your benchmark? A reward!  Something good. Something that will motivate you and make you want to meet that next goal.

What not to do? Undo all of your hard work. If you’re trying to reach a health or fitness goal then eating a large pizza by yourself isn’t a good reward. Think of something that will inspire you to keep going rather than set you back – A massage, new gym gear, a weekend trip, dinner at a nice restaurant…


{Photos by Jennymay Villarete of J. Villarete Photography}

One of my favorite ways to reward myself for reaching a goal is a little shopping trip. And since I love hiking, walking, and working out, activewear is one of my go-to purchases. Zella from Nordstrom and Lorna Jane are my current favorites and I can’t recommend them highly enough.

When Lorna Jane reached out & asked if I’d be interested in trying some of their pieces I was thrilled. Not only are their styles fun and versatile – Tons of colors, lengths & versions to try on – They’re also reasonably priced and available online with free shipping! I follow Lorna Jane on Instagram and checking the fun, inspirational pictures each day is a highlight – I’m always motivated to live a healthier, happier life. Which makes sense since their company motto is: “Our mission is to inspire women to live their best life through Active Living.”

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What’s YOUR top way to stay inspired to live a healthy life?

{Disclaimer: Prior to making any dramatic changes to your fitness routine or diet you should consult a physician}


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