Take Me Away

Take Me Away!

My Instagram and Twitter feeds seem to be filled to the brim with vacation photos right now. People escaping the Winter weather in favor of beaches, bikinis, and desk-less days. And since running away and joining them isn’t in my immediate future, I will do the Pinterest daydreaming thing instead…

Join me, won’t you?

Take-Me-Away-Wanderlust-Brazil Take-Me-Away-Wanderlust-Malta Take-Me-Away-Wanderlust-Santorini-GreeceTake-Me-Away-Wanderlust-Portugal Take-Me-Away-Wanderlust-Portugal

{Take Me Away – Images from Wanderlust}

What’s YOUR ultimate vacation destination?

I don’t know if I could narrow it down right now… In my Wanderlust post I mentioned all the historic sites I’m dying to visit like Caesarea, Petra, Machu Pichu, Turkey, and Egypt – But right now diving in the Caribbean or climbing stairs in Santorini sounds just about right!


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