San Francisco Designer: Bird Couture

I met outstanding San Francisco Designer Irys Kornbluth during San Francisco Fashion Week’s Emerging Designers runway show and got a chance to share some of her fun menswear pieces in my San Francisco Menswear post this Fall.

I recently teamed up with Aimee of The Ohio Transplant to show off some fun ways to wear the fun, bold new Bird Couture COLOUR collection.


 {On Caity: Cropped Skinnies – Paige Denin, Oxblood Pumps – Nasty Gal, Blazer – Zara & Necklace – Amazon // On Aimee: Vest – Forever 21, Jeans – Current/Elliott & Heels – Zara}

Be sure to check out their too cute holiday video here and like the I.K. Studio Facebook page for a chance to win a fun prize.


{Check out outtakes & behind-the-scenes photos here}

We ventured from San Francisco to Oakland to scout some great locations & backdrops with the designer, some of her fun new pieces, and of course, my favorite photographer Jennymay of J.Villarete Photography.


{Photos by Jennymay Villarete of J. Villarete Photography}

This was an especially fun project from a sartorial standpoint since Aimee and I both have a very distinct sense of personal style. While I gravitate towards classic silhouettes & retro styles, she’s got a really fun, modern look, and you can always count on her for a killer hat!


{You can pick up these fun pieces here – And hurry, it’s a limited edition collection!}

For this first look we each styled a new Bird Couture COLOUR top – I paired mine with slim, cropped jeans, a statement necklace & oxblood pumps while Aimee chose a long waist coat, distressed boyfriend jeans & fabulous strappy heels.

How would YOU style your Bird Couture?

Stay tuned for our next look!


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31 Responses to San Francisco Designer: Bird Couture

  1. You both are definitely different in your own ways but stylish no doubt =)
    I would wear it with a leather jacket and skinny jeans. Probably with a pair of boots =)

  2. I love how disparately different your styles are, yet you came together for this post and were both able to rock some of her pieces. While you know that I adore your style, I think my personal fashion sense is a little more like Aimee’s! Her pieces seem to add an awesome splash of fun to any outfit.

    • I think you might be right Casey – You guys both favor those fun statement pieces like a great hat or killer shoes! 🙂

  3. You and Aimee are too adorable! I love your different styles!

    Aimee is killing me with those heels and her beanie – love, love, love! xoxo, Bethann

    • Right? She’s going to go home one day and have no shoes because I’ve snuck in and kidnapped them all! 🙂

  4. Had such a blast working with you on this, love!!! 😀

  5. i love your oxblood pumps, so pretty! aimee’s style is cute, however seems like only a lady with height (or love for killer heels) can pull it off.


  6. You look so put together! Never would have thought that a T and jeans will look so stylish. A nice blazer and necklace sure work wonders~

  7. so cute when u pair the heel with the backpack!!!

  8. Those shoes that you’re wearing are fantastic! I would love a pair like that. Your looking fabulous as always! xx

  9. I love both your styles! Yours is more classy and sophisticated, and hers seems to be on the fun, egdier side. 😀

  10. I have to say that what you are wearing is closer to my personal style! The top and the backpack are definitely something I would buy. giglove

  11. Thats so cool ! How I wish i could attend Fashion Week and meet all the fashion designer… 😀


  12. Love the shots! Both of you pulled off the looks. The design of your bag and top is so cool! 😀 gig

  13. I like the bag! The pumps are gorgeous! I like your entire outfit. gig

  14. Love both styles!! the pictures are really pretty, the first one is really cute. Ah and your shoes are to die for!! so classy! <3

  15. Those pics are so cool! You are both rocking those outfits. 🙂
    gig love

  16. i am loving your hair colour here! both of you guys have great style and look amazing 🙂

  17. What a fun design! 😀 I love your top.

  18. LOL… this is pretty fun!!! As someone wrote to you i would have never imagined to see you wearing this style.
    Hope evrything is fine my sweet friend.

  19. I love both of your outfits! and your shoes! omg I WANT! haha

  20. I would love to attend a fashion week, too! You are so fab and I love your bag as well! gig

  21. What a fun post! Love seeing you both style the pieces such fun and different ways. I can only imagine this was super fun to shoot!

  22. OMG!! Loving your top and bag! Super cute!

  23. Love your backpack! I would love to have one of those. Fab design.

  24. that’s so cute!! I would love to pair it up with a crop top and baseball jacket perhaps? 😛

  25. Ari

    I want that bag and top! They’re so cute! I normally don’t wear backpacks, but I’d make an except for it.

  26. you guys look like you’re having the time of your life in the first pic! so refreshingly beautiful =)

  27. Your bag is super cute and funky! I think bags like those play up any casual outfit real quick!

  28. Wow..absolutely in love with the print. This is so quirky and fun, and that T-shirt is so cool. Totally hip-and-happening haha! 😀

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