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After our last Links You’ll Love round-up on New Year’s Resolutions & starting 2014 on a healthy, happy note, this week’s round-up is about keeping up that momentum.

Health & Fitness:

I love getting recommendations from professionals – Whether it’s a model talking about skin care, a doctor talking about stretching, or a chef talking about recipes. So what’s better than a professional athlete talking about health & fitness? Nothing! Fitness Tips From Inspiring NYC Athletes

Part of sustaining a healthy lifestyle means getting all the required vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. I really loved reading this interesting & informative piece on True Vitamin A Foods – I bet you’ll learn something!


Kettlebells are one of my favorite workouts – Check out Beginners Fitness: Kettlebells – And I really liked this post on 5 Kettlebell Mistakes You’re Probably Making. Very helpful for beginners.

One health hot button issue right now is sweeteners. Not even artificial sweeteners, we all know those are awful for you by now, but the “healthy” sweeteners we’ve been told are good for you, are now under fire. Here are some interesting pieces on sweeteners that show you some of the pros and cons of the things you may be reaching for during your shopping trips:

Fashion & Beauty:

One of the major bonuses of having a stand-up desk – In addition to the health benefits, of course – Is being able to wear pleats to work without worrying about squashing them. Check out Bazaar’s How To Wear Pleats and get inspired to break yours out this year too!

Want to try a fun little beauty DIY? This Pumpkin Body Scrub will smell almost as good as it feels!


For those of us with wild locks, here’s some much needed inspiration that’ll get you in the mood to make the most of what you’ve got – Favorite Funway Frizzy Hair Tutorials!

I have a quick & paired down routine in the mornings, but I still love to read about how others get their face on before work each morning! Check out Refinery 29’s 5 Stylish Girls Spill Their Primping Secrets.

The bane of my existance are my under-eye circles. Regardless of my stress levels or the amount of sleep I manage to get, I can’t seem to get rid of these babies. I loved reading Modelinia’s Learn to De-Stress Your Skin the Model Way and immediately went about searching for the very best eye masks!


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