Fitness Gadget Review: The FitBit

I initial contemplated writing this “review” of my new FitBit as a sonnet but I didn’t want to embarrass anyone. Myself mostly. Anymore than usual that is.

As that enthusiastic introduction implied, I’m quite the fan of this fun little gadget. I’m a bit of a nerd {obviously} so I love getting excited about new technology, and since I’m also a workout enthusiast, what could be more up my alley than a Fitness Gadget?

What initially attracted me to it was actually the sleep monitoring capabilities. The past few months have been beyond hectic and the number one thing to suffer has been my sleep – I went from consistently getting 7-8 hours to getting 5-6 which is a pretty dramatic shift. Especially considering that my activity levels have been steadily increasing! And more than the amount of sheet time I’m logging, I was curious about how much of that was good sleep. Actual, deep, refreshing sleep.


It would appear that once I finally – And I mean finally – Fall asleep that first few hours is when I’m truly sleeping. After around 1:30am I’m restless, waking up, and tossing & turning so it’s not my most productive period. I’m not sure if that’s when my cat starts getting active and I’m hearing him prowling around the apartment or maybe it’s the stress of knowing the alarm could be going off any moment…

I’ve heard mention of inaccuracies in the counting functionality, but I haven’t noticed any issues. And that could just be because I do A LOT of walking, so a few hundred steps is hardly going to make or break me. In this first month that I’ve worn it I’m averaging 80,000-130,000 steps a week, depending – Obviously – On just how active I am. I love checking the stats on my iPad midday to see my progress. And for someone like me who’s always busy and running from one meeting or appointment to another, the email reminder to charge my bracelet is a life saver!

My sole complaint is, as I’m sure you’ve guessed, that I wished they had prettier cases. Yes, I know that this is essentially a pedometer and that it’s intended as a fitness gadget, but you wear it ALL DAY. And the wide, slate grey band kind of stands out among my vintage gold bracelets – Ya know?

I need Kamryn Dame to design my next one!

If you’re interesting in reading about some of the options out there other than my beloved FitBit, Refinery 29 did a good write-up on them: Fitness Tracking Bands.

Have YOU tried a Fitness Gadget like a tracking bracelet or pedometer?


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