Blogger Confessions {VIII}

Welcome to another edition of Blogger Confessions – In this series I’m sharing funny little facts & random insights into my day-to-day life. This week’s installation includes an unexpected fear, vices, musical preferences, and more!

PETA scares me a little. Ok – A lot.


{New Years Eve Leather}

During a photo shoot I’m serious for roughly 10% of the time and there are usually more “outtakes” than blog-worthy photographs.

Halloween is my favorite holiday by a long shot. I mean – Candy, costumes & free rein to act like a kid for the day with no judgement? I would take that once a week if I could!

My secret vice? Red heads. I kid you not.


{I’m in LOVE with these DVF headphones!}

I couldn’t live without music. I would never claim to be a “music person” as I have no idea what’s new or popular or on the radio – But I do love all kinds of music and have headphones in for most of the time that I’m awake. I go through phases where I listen to one type of music until I can’t stand it any more – Some recent phases include country, oldies, Motown, and a capella.

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