How To Be More Positive

Today I’d like to share a few of my personal, tried & true tips for courting a happier, less stressful life. Here’s how to be more positive:

Focus on sleep. You don’t realize just how important sleep is until you start cutting back – It affects everything from your productivity and memory to your success in the gym and desire to eat healthy to your skin and hair! So make getting 7+ hours of sleep a priority each and every night and you’ll be putting yourself in a better frame of mind each morning. {Need some help? Read my Confessions of a Former Insomniac post}


Set boundaries. I’m not good at boundaries. Like, at all. But the one relationship that I’ve needed to really set boundaries with is the one I have with my electronic devices. Sometimes a girl just needs some alone time! Therefore I’ve set a cut-off period for myself each night when I stop responding to emails & texts, stop reading my Twitter feed, stop “liking” Facebook & Instagram… Not only is it healthy to step away from those enticing little screens, it’s also better for your sleep patterns to give yourself a break at least an hour before you hit the pillow. So give yourself some “me” time and put down your phone, you’ll be amazed how much better you feel!

Find what makes you Zen. I’m an active, hard-working, go-go-go kinda girl and getting to a place where my brain isn’t running in dozens of different places at once has been a life-long battle. I’m 31 years old and JUST discovered what helps quiet my brain and body. I’ve tried yoga few times over the years but it didn’t click. Whether it was the classes, the instructors, or me, I just didn’t enjoy it or get anything out of it. Until now. Now I’m obsessed &  addicted. So my challenge to you is to find what makes you Zen – Whether it’s meditating, yoga, running, going for a hike, playing an instrument… Just find it and practice it regularly!


Affirmations! My  mother taught me about affirmations during a particularly stressful & tumultuous semester in college and I’ve used them on and off for years. This practice of “positive thinking & self-empowerment” can be as simple as writing a positive thought down each morning. Whether it’s a goal, something you’re hoping to achieve, or positive journaling. Every morning I take my tea to a spot with a view and write down in my notebook everything that I’m grateful for. It’s a wonderful way to start the day!

Sweat. Regular exercise has endless benefits – From giving you a healthier body to getting “happy” endorphins pumping to helping you sleep better at night. Walking to and from work every day is my can’t-live-without-it downtime and I also try to workout or do physical therapy 4-5 times a week, plus yoga. So no matter how you’re getting your exercise, make sure you’re consistent, you’ll have a better outlook by the time you walk out of the gym!

Do YOU have any tips or recommendations for how to be more positive?


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