Valentine’s Day: Tiffany & Co. Yellow Diamonds

Welcome to Part II of the MCLV x Tiffany & Co. Valentine’s Day series – If you’re a fan of statement jewelry be sure to read Valentine’s Day: Tiffany & Co. Pink Diamonds.


Today I’m here to discuss one of my favorite looks for Valentine’s Day – Colored stones! To be specific – Yellow diamonds.

What I love about these rings is how versatile they are. The beauty of a perfect gemstone like these is that you can style them in an endless number of ways – Stack these beauties for a great modern look or single out your favorite for a more classic, or even a retro feel.


Tiffany & Co. has an exclusive contract with an Australian mine and that’s where all of their flawless yellow diamonds come from these days. Not only does this mean that they get to pick and choose the perfect stones for you, it also gives them a unique ability to adhere to their pledge of corporate responsibility.


The King of Diamonds, Mr. Tiffany himself, was named such in 1878 after acquiring a mammoth 287 carat stone that was eventually cut down to 128 carats.

Not only is this stone still refered to as The Tiffany Diamond, it’s also one of the largest yellow diamonds ever discovered!


{Photography by J. Villarete Photography & Make-Up by Klaudia Mayer}

What’s YOUR favorite color stone for jewelry?

Don’t forget to stay tuned for my last look from Tiffany & Co. on Thursday – Some classic diamonds for those of you who love a more traditional look!


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48 Responses to Valentine’s Day: Tiffany & Co. Yellow Diamonds

  1. I ADORE Tiffany’s – they have such pretty stuff, and that this post -

    • Glad you liked the post Caroline, it was a really fun collaboration!

  2. Woah! Love some yellow diamonds! That must have been a very fun shoot. x

  3. I’m in love with the pink diamond (and I believe it is from the same area), which is on my must-own list. That is closely followed by the yellow diamond lol!

    Your rings are gorgeous!! <3

  4. those yellow diamonds are gorgeous, but what diamonds aren’t right? I don’t have any coloured diamonds 🙂 giglove

  5. Omg the pink diamonds are so pretty! Something I’d want from the future husband hehe. Gig love

  6. I really like the pink diamonds! But these are amazing too! 😀 giglove

  7. u r looking so damn pretty in this red outfit …. and who dont love tiffany … loving those yellow diamonds 🙂

    Beauty Redefined
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    Collective Haul – Part # 1


  8. Lovely yellow diamonds. Jealous here. I love Tifanny’s and I wish I can have one from them soon 🙂

  9. Wow, what gorgeous jewelry you have! some day, I also want to have a collection of jelwery 🙂 I want them to begin an heirloom tradition down my bloodline!

  10. This brand really has a beautiful jewelries but I think it’s quite expensive. However I believe they have good qualities of jewelries. I wish somebody can give me one 😀 #giglove

  11. YOu look stunning in the red blouse and your ring looks sophisticated-ly chic ! 😀
    #giglove #smallnhot

  12. The rink looks stunning. It makes you even look more gorgeous. I always love Tiffany Co brand.

    GIG Love

    • They’re one of my favorites too Nella, I grew up loving Tiffany! 🙂

  13. i dont usually wear ring..but this ring look so beautiful!

  14. OMG! That ring looks so beautiful!!! I love tiffany’s! Hopefully one day I get to own something 🙂

    • Me too! I’ve bought myself a few trinkets over the years and gotten a few from family – But it’s not the same as getting a Valentine’s Day type of blue box! 🙂

  15. aww tiffany! A staple in every girls armoire =) What I wouldn’t do for some tiffany jewellery this Valentines..

  16. I am not really a fan of jewelry, but whenever I wear a piece for an event or a gathering, I prefer wearing blue since it is my favorite color

  17. Tiffany is definitely one of my favorite talking about jewelry. It is so dreamy reminding me about Audrey and all that American fabolous movie. The pic with you on the sofa is so vintage…you look perfect playing this role. tons of love my friend.

  18. I heart Tiffany & Co. so much!! This look soo pretty!! giglove

  19. Nia

    I don’t have much money so I only have semi-precious stones but I love turquoise.

  20. It’s always on my wishlist! And no doubt tiffany’s are so beautiful <3

  21. Omg, that’s one beauty right there. That looks so gorgeous on you Caity and I love your makeup and outfit. Perfect!
    xx Donah

  22. Those rings look just perfect! Love your outfit and great photos as usual!

  23. i think i just like the classic colourless diamonds. yellow sounds unique! i want to see what it looks like in person. im still wanting bracelets from their atlas range *.*

  24. You look great on that dress! Specially with the red lipstick. 😀

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