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With my excitement for a year filled with traveling, and exploring new cities on my mind I’ve got a serious travel bug right now, so here are a few of my tried & true Travel Tips that you can employ for YOUR next trip.



Rolling is key. Rather than fold your clothes try rolling them into little bundles. Not only do you get fewer wrinkles this way, you also save precious space for other things. Like more shoes!

I’m a big supporter of plastic bags & pouches when I travel – Not only for liquids & toiletries, but to keep smaller things together {think: jewelry, belts, accessories} and separate things like tights which may get runs if a shoe buckle or zipper snas them.

I also never check bags – It’s one oversized handbag and a carry-on bag for me regardless of the duration of the trip. I moved to Italy when I was 21 with just a rolling weekend bag!


I’m all about mixing & matching when I travel. Separates increase your options exponentially since each piece can go with something else in your bag. Just add diversity with eye-catching accessories!

Limit the shoes. I know this tip won’t be a favorite among my fashion-loving readers but it’s one that I live by. 2-3 pairs of shoes for a trip – A pair of flats, heels, and boots if it’s a cold weather adventure. {Plus gym shoes if applicable!}

When I’m on a long flight I pack socks, leggings & slippers in my purse. I also keep a little toiletry kit in there as well with the following essentials: lotion, tooth-brush & toothpaste, face cleansing wipes & a face mask. After take-off I head to the restroom to change into a more comfortable outfit, clean my face, and prep my skin to recover from the flight.



Face masks, unscented lotions, and face-cleansing wipes are my saviors both on long flights and when I’m traveling. They’re always the first thing I check to make sure is in my toiletry kit.

Don’t forget the sunscreen! Whether you’re heading to the beach or a snowy Winter wonderland you need to protect your skin. I usually bring two smaller tubes when I travel – A gentle, oil-free variety for my face and my trusty Neutrogena for the rest of me.

My top beauty tips for when you’re traveling? Water and sleep. Honestly, no product has yet to be invented that can do as much for your body, face, and skin than getting enough water and sleep.


As tempting as it is to guzzle Diet Coke, coffee, or booze on your flight, opt for water instead. And coconut water. And more water. I always buy a large water & coconut water once I’m through the security check to take on the plane with me. If you’re really nice sometimes the flight attendants will even refill them for you.

I pack food for my flight rather than nosh on the expensive processed junk food on the plane. In fact, I usually pack for my trip as well as my flight since I like to have snacks with me at all times. My go-to travel goodies are:

  • Larabars
  • Raw Almonds
  • Fruit & Nut Trail Mix
  • Emergen-C Packets
  • Vega Protein Powder Packs



It doesn’t matter if your flight is only an hour-long, flying is hard on your body. Stretching & walking are important so try to get up and move around if you can. When I’m on longer flights you can usually find me in the back doing yoga. 🙂

The first thing that always goes into my bag for a long trip are my gym clothes. If I use up the suitcase space for them I’m even more compelled to go to gym or out for a run. {Note: I usually skip them for shorter weekend trips}

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What are YOUR best travel tips?


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