Celebrity Trainer: Fitness Recommendations

After getting to know celebrity trainer Key Son in an informative interview a few weeks back, today we’re here to talk about overall health & fitness recommendations with the fitness guru. Read on for his thoughts on getting started with a new workout regime, aiming for your goals, and following through with your fitness goals.


MCLV: When you take on a new client – Do you have any basic recommendations that you usually offer? Any beginners fitness suggestions that most clients can benefit from?

Start with your goal. This can be anything from wanting to have higher energy levels to getting into a specific physical shape for an event. Also consider a time frame such as 4-6 weeks and sett a goal for a month, and then for the whole year.

Get the gear. Find proper sneakers and shorts, shirt and water bottle. I recommend Asics sneakers.

Have a workout plan. This plan should include:

  • 1) cardiovascular work such as walking,
  • 2) core and flexibility exercises such as crunches and stretching, and
  • 3) resistance training.

Keep it simple and seek guidance at the gym from an instructor if necessary. Cardiovascular work is any physical activity that involves and places stress on the cardiorespiratory system. its important because all exercise uses the cardiorespiratory system to sustain activity or recuperate from it. Start with walking and go easy. Moderate intensity is preferred, enough to increase heart rate and respiratory rates, but not cause exhaustion or breathlessness.

Core stabilization exercises should be done to prior to any strength training movements. The core is the central section of the body composed of the lumbo-pelvic-hip complex with all the muscles that attach to these areas, thoracic and cervical spine. It is where the body’s center of gravity is located and where all movement begins. A stable core is needed for proper muscle balance and neuromuscular efficiency. Build the foundation, be stable to move efficiently. The body’s core stabilization system must be working with maximal efficiency to utilize strength, power, neuromuscular control and muscular endurance. It offers a biomechanically efficient position for the entire body for optimum neuromuscular efficiency.

The Strength training component or resistance training has specific exercises for a specific body part such as modified single leg squat for the legs. The benefits include improved cardiovascular efficiency, increased lean body mass, decreased body fat, increased metabolic efficiency, increased tissue tensile strength, increased bone density. Circuit training is the fastest way to utilize calories in a small amount of time. It is a form of resistance training composed of a very time-efficient, series of exercises, one after the other with minimal rest and it is as beneficial as traditional forms of cardio. producing greater levels of post exercise oxygen consumption and strength.


MCLV: Do you have a favorite movement or exercise that your clients see great results from? I know some trainers who really like to focus on core and others who swear by squats and lunges – Do you have any moves that you try to emphasize with your clients?

For my clients in the film and tv industry, there is a very specific look. It is long, lean legs, a thin, flat and tapered waist,and balanced shoulders and lean arms. The fastest way to achieve a longer, leaner look is with exercises utilizing bodyweight  or light resistance tubing with modified range of motion exercises as opposed to heavy weight training and full range of motion movements such as squats, and various methods such as spinning and sprinting, which can result in a denser hypertrophied appearance.

The repetition range should be high, between 15-20 repetitions for most exercises and very high 100 repetitions for ab exercises such as crunches.

One exercise is The Modified Single Leg Squat. This exercise works on the genu articularis and the vastus medialis which is the inner portion of the frontal knee. It tightens any knee fold. More importantly, it does not increase the vastus lateralis or size of the upper thigh. To do the movement, stand on one leg. Keep arms at sides. Tighten stomach. Keep raises leg slightly bent. On standing leg, bend knee to 45 degrees. Do not bend knee past toes. Now extend the leg and drive the heel through floor. Tighten knee and glutes at top and the repeat 20 times for each leg. Do this 3 times 4 times a week to see an immediate difference. There are more of these exercises in my book, The New York Model Workout.

MCLV: For someone looking to live a healthier life and get in better overall shape what would you top recommendations be? Any little tricks or tips for them to keep in mind?

Make sure you are healthy to do an exercise program and then set a goal with a timeframe. Only do exercises you can do comfortably. Incorporate cardio such as walking 3-4 times a week for better cardiovascular health and higher energy levels. Have a workout program with resistance training exercises to tone and tighten the lean muscles and improve posture and balance.

The most important thing is to keep to a plan which works. Try anything you enjoy and monitor whether you are getting the results at monthly intervals. Most importantly, take your exercises seriously. If you are going to exercise, make it count.

Are you enjoying hearing from Key as much as I am? Then I have news that you’re going to love! I’ll be heading to New York to work with him in person and he’ll be creating a circuit routine just for MCLV readers. So be sure to stay tuned!

Can’t wait for more? Check out The New York Model Workout on iTunes or head to Key’s website!


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