Blogger Confessions {IX}

Welcome to another edition of Blogger Confessions – This week I’m talking about my least favorite thing in the world, hair, movies, and more!

I spend most of my waking time tripping or running into things. I was an athlete for most of my life and at various times could do flips on a four-inch balance beam and twisters off a 10 meter platform – But walking through a doorway without slamming my hip into the frame is completely beyond me.


This one always seems to surprise people – I’m actually a natural blonde. {In you’re in the Bay Area I highly recommend working with the fabulous Natalie Keklikian – She took me red three years ago & I’ve been with her ever since!}

I’ve had always had a black thumb but have somehow managed to keep the two plants on my desk at work alive since November. It’s a birthday miracle!

Action movies are my favorite film genre. I love a good comedy, won’t can’t sit through anything romantic or serious, but will watch Transporters over and over and over again. I own all three.

I hate talking on the phone. Hate with a capital “H.” I blame too many long distance relationships. Just thinking about having to schedule a call fills me with dread and anxiety.

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