Shopping & Playing With Poshmark

Raise your hand if you’ve ever bought something and only worn it once?

Raise your hand if you’ve ever bought something and never worn it?

Odds are, my beloved readers, a great deal of you have your hands up right about now. Whether it looked great in the dressing room and not so much when you got home, or you got it for a specific event and it’s been irrelevant since, or you hoped, wished & dreamed you’d fit into it but… There’s a good chance we’ve all had some, if not all, of these occurrences take place.

Luckily for us all, technology has caught up with our shopping habits and is offering a fabulous alternative to letting unworn pieces collect dust in your closet. San Francisco based fashion app Poshmark has been the buzz of the Bay Area fashion-tech scene for months now – They’ve even gotten press in the international markets appearing on Good Morning America and in Teen Vogue, Marie Claire, InStyle, and the Wall Street Journal.


This week I downloaded the app and got sucked in! Shopping pieces from some of my favorite bloggers looks? Um, YES! And you know what? You can too.

Creating a closet and listing some of my pieces was a breeze as well – Everything from dress, handbags and accessories to pieces that still have tags {bad blogger!} Check out the Moi Contre La Vie closet here.

Shopping & Playing With Poshmark:

I’m also thrilled to announce that this fabulous company has asked me to help co-host an upcoming live shopping party here in San Francisco with the beautiful Kate of The Fancy Pants Report, Amanda from Advice From A 20 Something, and Jillian from Sweet & Spark {if you haven’t checked out her online vintage jewelry shop – Do it now!}


I’d love to invite all of my Bay Area readers to join me for some fun and fashion next Tuesday, March 18th from 6:30pm – 9:30pm. You can RSVP on Eventbrite here.

Not in the Bay Area? Don’t worry my fashion-loving darlings, you can still be a part of all the fun! Check out the Poshmark Facebook page or download the app and you’ll get real-time updates from the event.


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