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Welcome back to another Links You’ll Love round-up!

I wanted to start this week’s list of links with a great piece from Mind Body Green on advice, specifically – Things I Would Say To My 20 Something Self. We learn so much over the years and I think that reminding yourself of how far you’ve come and all of your growth is a great exercise.

Fashion & Beauty:

Every once in a while I like to take a step back and look at my wardrobe – Do I have all the building blocks and staples that I need? It’s fun to add color and prints with seasonal on-trend extras, but investing in quality basics is also important. WhoWhatWear has a great round-up of investment-worthy staples you should check out – Back To Basics: The 14 Timeless Pieces You Shouldn’t Live Without.

Interested in trying out a new hue this Spring? Into The Gloss has some great advice on enhancing what you’ve got, from a redheaded perspective – Better Off Red.


While we’re still fighting off the Winter chill you can indulge your love of beanies to your heart’s content. Harper’s Bazaar obviously agrees – 9 Beanie Hats to Top Off Your Winter Look.

I’m a big fan of the fun mixing & matching style that models all seem to have perfected, some of my favorite street style stars are catwalk regulars. Case and point – Model Style Report: Behati and Alessandra Are Styled to Rock.

If you’ve never read the website The Art of Manliness, I highly recommend giving it a Google. Here’s a recent gem I just had to pass along – Influence, Persuasion, and Personal Presentation: Why and How to Look Your Best When Interacting with Others.

Health & Fitness:

Sometimes you don’t have an hour to spare to get to the gym or a studio between – You know – Life happening. Here’s the perfect solution – 10 Minute Yoga Sequence T Feel Refreshed.

If you enjoy cleanses and detoxes, you’ve probably heard about or already tried, The Whole 30. I tried it at the beginning of last year and really love to read about people’s experiences, and more importantly, their take-aways. Peace Love Shea – Whole 30: Let’s Try This Again.


Making fitness a habit and getting into a consistent routine is great if you can manage it – One of the hardest times for me to do that is when I’m traveling. Hitha to the rescue! Fitness On The Go – Sneakerless Workouts

Whenever I read the labels for “healthy” energy bars I get frustrated – For $5 you’re getting all the trans fats, sugar, and processed crap you could want. If possible, I always try to make my own so I’m always on the hunt for fun, tasty new recipes to try. Enter A House In The Hills – Black Sesame Energy Bars. Don’t have time to make your own? Larabars are a great choice – Check out the ingredient list compared to anything else on the rack!

Cooking oils are one of the topics de jour right now – The concern being whether they become carcinogenic when heated. Gross. I’m a coconut oil girl! This piece on oils is pretty interesting – Top 3 Healthy Non-GMO Cooking Oils.


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