Spring Cleaning: Tips & Tricks

I vacillate between thinking of Spring Cleaning as a necessary evil and counting down the days before I can get started.

Why? I think that your relationship with Spring Cleaning depends entirely on: (1) How organized you feel your home already is, and (2) How much you’re itching for a change.


When I’m feeling prepared, Spring Cleaning doesn’t seem that daunting. Having just moved, things haven’t degenerated much yet so I’m ready to rearrange, clean, organize, and make some changes. In the past, however, I’ve been so overwhelmed that I skipped Spring Cleaning entirely… 🙂

Since I’m still finalizing the style of my new place what I’m excited to tackle this Spring is rearranging and updating my décor {i.e. finishing my stalled decorating} and focusing on organizing my closets and cupboards.


Adding colorful accents like pillows, throws & rugs, updating your wall art, and rearranging furniture to give your rooms a different feel are all quick, easy, and relatively inexpensive ways to give your home a fresh feel.


{DENY Designs Kal Barteski “Carpe Diem” Decorative Pillow}

My apartment décor is black & white but I added a splash of drama with eye-catching gold vases & metallic silver candles and fun decorative pillows to keep things visually interesting.


My Spring Cleaning this year is going to be focused on organizing my closets. I did a great job of getting rid of things when I moved in November so now I’m going to organize my closets so that everything is accessible and in good shape.

Here’s my tentative plan of attack:

  1. Visit the Container Store for clear storage cubes – I’ll stack these on the floor of the closets and they’ll hold everything from stationary and documents to beauty products, belts & wallets. Getting smaller things out-of-the-way and in one central location makes finding things a breeze when you’re in a hurry.
  2. Once the smaller pieces are arranged and no longer clogging up drawer and surface space I can concentrate on my clothing and accessories. First I like to go through everything and see whether things need to be mended, dropped at the dry cleaners, or whether they need something special to keep them stored like boot inserts or padded hangers.
  3. I prefer to keep things hung up when there’s space so my dresses, tops, skirts, and pants are arranged based on color and length on matching hangers.
  4. Jeans, t-shirts, pajamas, undergarments, and gym clothes are folded in my bureau and in under-bed bins so I’ll go through them and make sure everything fits and is ready to go. Shaking things out and refolding is a good habit to get in, otherwise you’ll pull something out only to realize you can’t wear it without steaming or ironing.
  5. Finally – Last but not least – Shoes. I need to do some serious damage control on my verging-on-out-of-control shoe collection. I’ll check to see whether each pair fits, whether anything needs a trip to the cobbler, and find a fun new way to arrange them.


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What’s YOUR favorite part of Spring Cleaning?


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