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This week’s Links You’ll Love round-up includes everything from hair & fashion tips and healthy habits you should adopt to great recipes and lunch inspiration.

Let’s get started with StyleCaster’s list of 50 Healthy Habits Every Girl Should Have which includes everything from healthy living tips to financial advice to ways that you can improve your outlook and happiness.

Fashion & Beauty:

One of the times when making a first impression is most important is during an initial job interview – So the question is, how can you use personal style to your advantage in those first moments? Check out Who What Wear’s How To Dress For A Job Interview and make sure you’re putting your best food forward.


The size, shape, and color of your eyebrows can have a very advantageous effect on your overall look, and as we know, there are some ladies out there with some seriously enviable brows. Check out what these eyebrow experts who work with the best of the best have to say – The 9 Things You Need To Know About Mastering The Bold Brow.

Thinking of trying a new hairstyle this Spring? Check out some of these fabulous looks that will never go out of style – 7 Iconic Hair Styles That Endure Time.

Ok, I know that 101 items is a long list, but you actually NEED to read this – 101 Fashion Tips and Tricks Every Girl Should Know. This includes completely genius life hacks for things like shedding sweaters, wine stains, and too tight shoes.

Interested in doing a little shopping? Check out these two new online boutiques that offer flattering, stylish pieces at reasonable prices – Live Love Moda & Studio 15 NYC. Live Love Moda is a San Francisco based company so if you’re in the Bay Area you should like their Facebook page & keep an eye out for pop-up shops, you can also read a great interview with the founder here. And you may remember my recent Alice in Wonderland themed shoot featuring Studio 15 NYC – I really can’t recommend their collection of dresses enough so head over and check them out!

Health & Fitness:

Eating out every day can be expensive and unhealthy, but sometimes putting together your lunch in advance sounds like too much work. Check out these great ideas for healthy, energizing lunches to keep you inspired to meet your healthy eating goals – 15 Vegan Lunch Ideas!

Putting a little effort and attention into expanding your own horizons can be exponentially rewarding. I loved reading through Mind Body Green’s 31 Ways To Be A Better Person Every Day – It definitely helps give you a little perspective!


This day in age it feels like stress is a constant part of our lives. But continual stress, and continual exposure to the hormone it releases Cortisol, can have a cascade of negative effects from disease to insomnia to weight gain. Taking a few minutes for yourself and focusing on relaxing can be a life saver. Literally! The New Stress Solution – Tips To Banish Stress.

Interested in giving the popular paleo diet a try but aren’t quite sure where to start? Read through And Here We Are’s A Week of Paleo Meals for some meal and recipe options to get inspired.

As someone who carries snacks around with her at all times, nuts have become a Must Have for me when I’m traveling. But are we choosing the right ones? The Best (And Worst!) Nuts For Your Health


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