Midday Workouts

Without a blood-pumping midday workout each day I would probably be asleep at my desk by the 2pm mark. Which would be quite a sight given that I have a standing desk…

The older I get, the more active I try to be throughout the day. And while an hour-long workout is luxury of days gone by – I still try to hit the gym Monday through Friday in addition to walking and at home stretching or yoga classes.

For years I was a morning workout person – I could never muster the energy to do much of anything in the afternoons let alone not gorge myself on a huge lunch that put me straight into a food coma.

At first I had to work at it, but now I get restless if I don’t get in my 12pm-1pm sweat session. Not only am I feeling the burn, I’m also getting a burst of energy and focus that gets me through the afternoon.


{Fitness Friday: Stretching & Rolling wearing my favorite Lorna Jane goodies}

Here are a few of my tips & recommendations for making time for yourself and prioritizing your health with midday workouts:

[1.] Calendar It – If you schedule your day to give yourself time to duck outside for a walk or to the gym, you’re more likely to actually do it. I block out an hour for my midday workout even though it only takes 30 minutes – That way I have time to finish up a call before or deal with something else that comes up, without effecting my workout time.

[2.] Adjust Food Intake – These days I workout around 12pm and I don’t eat until afterwards {known as intermittent fasting} however, some people need food to fuel a workout or feel nauseated in the mornings if they don’t have breakfast first thing. These are things that you need to learn about yourself so pay attention to your body. If you continually skip workouts because you ate too much at lunch or can’t finish a planned workout because you’re out of energy, you should consider adjusting what time you’re eating. A small snack with protein and healthy fats is a great pre-workout boost – Try these energy bites.

[3.] Plan Ahead – On Sundays I prep my food for the week and I plan out my workouts. I book my yoga classes online, schedule which days I’ll go to the gym in the mornings to stretch and roll out, and I plan my workouts for each day that week. Knowing what you need to get through that day is a great motivator – When I know I have a late meeting or events after work I’ll make sure I do a really energizing workout that’ll keep me pumped up for the day ahead of me.


{Fitness Friday: Beginners Fitness}

What time of day do YOU workout? Would YOU try midday workouts?


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