March 2014 Round-Up

March was a fun-filled, hectic, amazing adventure.

This month I headed to New York for a fashion trip and killer shoot with Studio 15 NYC, before venturing down the coast of California to Capitola for a relaxing beach-side family weekend, after which I spent a fabulous three days in New Orleans. And now I’m gearing up for a jaunt to Los Angeles in a few days for Lucky Magazine’s Lucky FABB Conference.

Just writing about all of my adventures this month is a bit exhausting.



March 2014 Round-Up


March was all about getting ready for Spring – From checking out all the fabulous new hairstyles & updos & beauty, skin care & make-up to freshen up my look to Spring cleaning & home décor updates to falling in love with Spring 2014 fashion and trends like jumpsuits & rompers.

I mixed things up on the style front between flights as well. This month I wore everything from evening-ready faux leather leggings to a killer cobalt blue bodycon dress to a black & white printed pencil skirt.

I even had the honor of collaborating with the chic New York online dress boutique Studio 15 NYC for a fun series – You can check out the first post here.


March saw something exciting for me on the food front – My very first food photo shoot. Working with Jessica Michelle Photo we captured a healthy, delicious brunch spread. The first dish that I wrote about was one of my personal favorites – Cracking Cauliflower. I can’t wait to share the rest – Including some sinfully delicious desserts you’ll love!


Despite a crazy travel schedule I did a great job of staying on top of fitness this month. While yoga, sadly, fell to the wayside, I manages to consistently get to the gym, walk, and even got in a few short runs.


{Crackling Cauliflower}

New April 2014 Goals


Since March was so go-go-go I’m looking forward to spending some more time in San Francisco during April. After a fabulous, fashion-filled weekend in LA for Lucky FABB of course! 🙂 Stay tuned for some fun collaborations with local San Francisco brands & stores this month – I’ll be posting sneak peeks on Instagram so be sure to follow MCLV there!


While I’m looking forward to sleeping in my own cozy bed this month, I’m even more excited to get busy in my kitchen! I’ll be cooking up a storm and sharing the fruits of my labors so keep an eye out for some tasty recipes & sweet treats to use up all of this gorgeous Spring produce that’s hitting stores and farmers markets right now.


Gym time is great but getting back into my favorite yoga studio on a more regular basis is going to make April positively blissful. I’ve talked about it before {Motivation & Midday Workouts} but planning your workouts and fitness routine in advance can really help you stick to your goals. I’ve already blocked off two days a week for yoga for the month of April!


{Studio 15 NYC}

2014 Bucket List:

  1. Try a new class/physical activity – During my sojourn in Capitola this month I did a few hours of ocean kayaking. Not only was it quite the workout, but it was a gorgeous, relaxing experience. Definitely need a repeat stat!
  2. Publish my writing – At the urging of a friend I took a small step this month and joined a writers forum. Next step – Post something!
  3. Travel – Check!!
  4. Broaden my educational horizons – With all my travel time I’ve gone through more books that I can remember, I’ll be sharing some of my favorites soon. And once I settle back into a slightly less hectic routine I’ll be signing up for a nutrition class taught by one of my favorite vegan authors.
  5. Be a good friend – I headed to NOLA for my high school best friend’s bachelor party this month. It was an amazing trip – Great group of people, much-needed fun & frivolity, delicious food, amazing sites, and some really relaxing and educational time spent wandering around the beautiful city.

Did YOU accomplish anything you’re especially proud of this month?


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26 Responses to March 2014 Round-Up

  1. I am finally get back on the yoga train too! Blocking off workouts definitely does help – I love how I feel afterwards, even though it’s so hard to stay motivated beforehand! I’ve gotta start looking into healthier meal plans now, too. Small steps 🙂 Have fun at FABB, so sad I won’t be making it out!!


  2. I think it’s been decided that blue is your color! It looks so fab on you, speaking of FABB so excited for another fun weekend together!


  3. I really like the pictures you took at Studio 15 NYC. You look so pretty with the make up and dress =)

  4. I love the outfit in the picture Studio 15NYC ! I am proud I managed to balance my school work/blogging/youtube schedule all month of March 🙂 gig love

  5. Your schedule is hectic but fun! I’d love to do something like that for a living!!! Enjoy 😀

  6. I love both of your look here. Color blue really suits you you are so elegant. You had your busy schedule but I am sure you still had fun 🙂 gig love

  7. I like your round-up’s! Perfect to read if you don’t have much time in the week to read blogs – like me (:
    Hectic schedule but sounds good! I also try to cook more, especially more healthy! 😀

    gig love <3

  8. Getting excited to see new recipes from you :)) And way to go on fulfilling those things you added on your bucket list! :)) Gig

  9. u look so pretty in this dress its really enhancing your eyes color ….. n the lip color is simply beautiful ….

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  10. aby

    wow! you have been busy for the whole march! good luck on your goals for april 🙂

    – from gig

  11. I love your dress in the last picture!! Pretty =DD gig

  12. Another full on month for you. Well done on completing your first food photo shoot. Lovely photos. Love both fashion shots. You look great in bright colours and you take such a good photo. Your eyes are so bright in the 2nd picture!

    • Thank you Lorna, I’m glad that you like the pictures. I LOVED how that dress made my eyes pop! 🙂

  13. The georgeous Electric blue dress. I love your outfit
    gig love

  14. Wow you did ocean kayaking? That’s cool! Keep it up 😀

  15. I love the first pic with the cobalt blue dress and those amazing heels. They made me think about D&G style.
    Have the greatest start of the week.

  16. I love the last photo! You look stunning as usual. 🙂

  17. Such a great look , love the cobalt blue dress, and I love your smile in the last pic –

  18. I like very much the first outfit you have posted in this article! I love NY!
    gig love
    Travel and Fashion Tips

  19. Oh gosh, darling your checkered heels are so pretty !!!! Where did you get that ?


  20. How fabulous this is, Caity! So thorough a review. I would love to create one, by the way. Congratulations in readying your wardrobe for spring. I wish I could also try a food photo shoot 🙂

  21. I really loved all your outfit posts for March. They were lovely. I hope you have an amazing time at Lucky FABB. Can’t wait to hear about it. 🙂

  22. i see lots of shocking blue color…my fav color!!! love it..u look gorgeous there!

  23. i love reading this! i still remember the photoshoot and those stunning photos

  24. I really need to make some goals for 2014 and stick to them. Lately, I’ve been having problems staying on track. LOL gig

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